‘Vitamin D supplement helps with most people not diseases to come’

‘Vitamin D supplement helps with most people not diseases to come’

Vitamin D supplements help the most people, not to prevent disease. People swallow regularly take additional vitamin D during the winter months in the hope so the flu and fever to avoid, but according to new research that has little meaning.

Researchers from the universities of Auckland and Aberdeen compared the results of several investigations into the use of supplements on the health. Their conclusion, published in the British Medical Journal, was that the supplements do not have any detectable difference made.

The skin makes vitamin D when there is sunlight. The vitamin is essential for maintaining strong bones, teeth and muscles. Because the sun in the winter is less strong, people look to alternatives to get vitamin D to get inside.

The studies do not prove that the supplements for everyone to help. The researchers emphasize, however, that the additional vitamins, however, can offer assistance to older people and people with dark skin in cold, dark climates dwell.

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