Virtualrealitymodus have surfaced in code Nintendo Switch software

Virtualrealitymodus have surfaced in code Nintendo Switch software

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In the code of the Nintendo Switch operating system contain a reference to a special virtualrealitymodus.

That discovered beveiligingsonderzoeker Cody Brocious.

Just found this while looking at IPC interfaces on the Switch. Iiiiinteresting! #reswitched


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22:02 – 27 August 2017

Nintendo has released anything about plans for a virtual reality mode for Switch games. The fact that the code is found in the operating system that virtual reality seems to support means that in the future may change.

The find in the interface of Nintendo Switch brings a lot of questions. So, it is still unclear how vr games on Nintendo Switch should be played. A vr-glasses for the new Nintendo system is in any case not yet announced.


At the end of december was a patent in the hands of Apple to be made public, in which a virtualrealitymodus for the Nintendo Switch was described. This would put the console in a special glasses have to be pushed, in which the display of the console VR-games shows.

Nintendo has last year said to be interested in virtual reality, but is still concerned about the health risks. Last month, the company called all of Mario Kart Arcade GP VR for arcadehallen in Japan.

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