“Virtual reality can hurt at dentist reduce’

“Virtual reality can hurt at dentist reduce’

Tandartspatiënten that during a treatment at the same time, virtual walk on a beautiful beach, would be less pain and fear experienced than people that these distractions do not have.

This is evident from a comparative study of the universities of Plymouth, Exeter and Birmingham, published in Environment and Behavior.

The more than 150 participants were randomly divided into three groups. Group 1 was given a “normal” therapy, where they were not distracted by virtual reality images. The second group ran virtually around on a beach in Britain, and a third group got to see images of a non-existing city.

After a week was asked how the subjects used their pain and fear during and after the treatment (including filling or extraction of a molar) had experienced. The people who during their visit to the dentist by means of virtual reality walked on the beach, had on average less pain and experienced less anxiety.

Right circumstances

“This research shows that this technology under the right circumstances, it can be used to patients but also the dentists to help”, says Karin Tanja-Dijkstra, principal investigator of the study.

“Earlier research showed that people are most happy and relaxed when they are at the beach,” adds co-author Mathew White. “It was therefore a logical decision to see if we could do this too bets in possible stressful medical treatments.”


From this research, which according to the authors, a more extensive sequel to the hypothesis further confirm, also shows that only distraction is not enough pain and fear to combat. “This is evidenced by the fact that the virtual roam in a city of no positive consequences for the patients. This means that the environment that they get to see is also important, which should be inviting and relaxing,” says Sabina Pahl, the research is coordinated.

In future research it will be considered whether the images of the beach can also be useful in other medical treatments. It is also considered whether the images can still be corrected, so that patients have less stress and pain experienced.

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