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One of the Google’s Home, the smart speaker is shown above. (Image courtesy of Google)

A Virtual Assistant’s Freakout

Q: So, do YOU have an Amazon Echo or Google’s Home page, a smart speaker for your home? I’m really shocked that they are always listening.

A: Yes, the smart system is useful. Yes, they are fun. Yes, they can be great for people with physical challenges. However, it is also apparent that other devices, such as Ultrasound, and at Home, always listening to it. Otherwise, how could these smart speakers know how to respond to the wake? The big tech and data companies responsible for these products, and in the uk and at Home are designed to stand up in the middle of your house it will absorb all the sound. I need to have one? Tap or click here to find out what I have done so, with the smart speaker into my home to maintain my privacy and security.

Facebook Facial Recognition Database

Q: Is it true that Facebook is using my photo, and then I was tagged in a photo, so that one day I would be able to be tagged in a brick and mortar shop? This is a disgrace!

A: “Outrageous” is precisely the word. Facebook has been cavalier with information about the user, as well as any time that the company needs to do more to protect their privacy, and the public to learn more about an alarming oversight. In this case, it was Consumer Reports that did the discovery, Facebook has been using face-recognition software to prevent users from posing as other people. Facebook’s recognition software is very powerful, and many users will be uncomfortable and that the company is in the wash-up of the entire database, looking for your face in the photos and the video. You are now able to opt-out of this feature using the privacy settings. Tap or click here to learn how to opt-out of Facebook’s facial database.

Archive Of The Most Important Passages

Q: I have a very, very important passages that I would like to save it. Is it possible to send texts to my e-mail address? In this way, I can have a backup copy of the lyrics if I had a backup on my PC.

A: You can do it, whether you use Apple or Android devices at this time. You can also download a third-party app that allows you to be able to send it to your e-mail. the iPhones are a bit more finicky over the last couple of iOS updates, but you can still get it to auto-forward your texts. Tap or click here to send texts to your e-mail right from your phone.

The Girl, Was On The Phone

Q: My phone is gross. What is the best way to clean it?

A: mobile Phones are quickly becoming the same as cash anywhere, it is constantly moved and it is a magnet for germs. Shows how many of the people with their messages, while bringing the asset to use as a toilet, and the massive exposure to the day to day activities is more than just a simple tv with video-on-demand process. If you were to describe your phone as a “gross” or not, if it is to benefit from a good scrub. As you might expect, disinfectants and detergents are a good idea, especially now that the flu season is on it’s way. There are a few tricks that you might not expect it, that was for sure. Tap or click here to learn the proper way to clean and disinfect your dirty phone.

Business Numbers

Q: I am the soccer coach of the year. I don’t want to give parents my personal cell phone number. I can give you a second phone number to my current phone.

A: well, As you probably know, the “burner” is slang for a phone, which you then have to sell it. Burners are common among cheating spouses, and serious criminals, and the “Breaking Bad” fans have seen their fair share of the burners. But “Burner” is also the name of a very useful app that provides many of the functions in the same way, You will receive a library number, allowing you to hide your real telephone number. A call out to the decoy will be sent to your phone, but you can also get rid of the extra number, if you want it to be. However, you may also want to try some of the other apps offer similar solutions for safeguarding the privacy of our loss. Tap or click here to see other apps that give your phone a second number.

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