Violent caravan clash, according to media minimized Trump warnings

nearvideo-Kurtz: migrants a threat can be both politicized and real

‘MediaBuzz’ host Howard Kurtz weighs in on the clash in Tijuana than a hundred migrants tried to evade Mexican police and ran in the direction of the border crossing leads to San Diego, forcing officials to shut down the border for hours and fire with tear gas drive back to push the migrants.

Well, I think some of the people in the caravan were looking to make trouble, after all.

The situation got out of control in Tijuana on Sunday, as hundreds of them to escape attempted Mexican police and ran in the direction of the border crossing leads to San Diego.

Customs officials shut down the border for hours driving and back fired tear gas to push the migrants. Some threw stones at the American officers, of which a number have been taken, and the border was closed for hours. 42 migrants firmly on the U.S. side were taken.

All in all, not a pretty picture.

The inevitable political question: Was the President of Trump right about the caravan?

The media depicted the President, played as a shamelessly high the danger of the caravan, which began in Honduras, to awaken only his base for the midterm elections.

Two things are of course not mutually exclusive. Trump has to pound away on the caravan as part of the efforts, illegal immigration is an important mid-term Problem. And most of the media treated the journeys of migrants as sympathetic characters, which is not a threat to anyone.

The reality was more complicated. Not all migrants a threat, and many reasonably hope to seek asylum from persecution or economic hardship. But the hundreds, the San Diego border, in what began as a protest against the long asylum applications seeds stormed, clearly many violent people to hurt trying to contain the Federal agents.

Trump wasted no time in taking to Twitter yesterday morning: “Mexico waving flag migrants, many of which are stone-cold criminals back to their countries.”should move

I don’t know on what basis the President says that “many” have a criminal history, but some clearly committed a crime on Sunday.

It is Trump’s description of the caravan as an “invasion” that prompted CNN’s Jim Acosta debate to him and refuse the microphone in the Hand to draw what the White house, his credentials, until they were restored by a Federal judge.

I doubt that the clash will do everything to break the partisan deadlock in this matter, especially with the Democrats takeover of the house.

The President and his allies, the seizure is justified on the violent incident, to the view that illegal immigrants pose a threat to American security. In his tweet, Trump said: “We are in the vicinity of the border permanently, if need be. Congress, funds the WALL!”

But the liberals and Latino activists draw a different lesson. A Los Angeles Times story said: “the pictures of the US government with tear gas at a group of migrants, the children disturbed others said, it highlights the cruel procedure of the Trump administration.”

At this point, such a measure is not unprecedented. There was a similar incident in the year 2013, during the Obama administration, in the over 100 immigrants, stones and bottles at Border Patrol agents, who responded with pepper spray in the same region.

It was a strange diplomatic dance over the weekend, when The Washington Post announced, in particular, to keep a deal between the administration and the incoming government of Mexico, asylum seekers in this country at the time of application. But then the Mexican transition officials stepped back and said there had been no deal.

It is always a caravan. What is clear that in this sensitive and emotional issue is gone, although the last choice is over.

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