Vijftienjarig girl calls for headscarf-emoji

Vijftienjarig girl calls for headscarf-emoji

Photo: Aphelandra Messer

A vijftienjarig German girl competes for the arrival of a headscarf-emoji, which are still missing. She is supported by the co-founder of forum Reddit.

The German Rayouf Alhumedhi has already been in contact with Unicode, the party who is under more emoji standardizes. That reports Buzzfeed.

It was the fifteen-year-old Alhumedhi that many of her friends and their likeness found in an emoji, but that a version of the headscarf does not yet exist. Emoji with turban and police cap, there are already, as figures with a customizable color.

Unicode is interested in the plan of Alhumedhi, and showed her how to make a formal request for a new emoji can do. The members of Emoji, including companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook, vote on which new emoji are added to the range.

Only in 2017

Because Unicode is the default monitors, working emoji on all devices and in all browsers. Recently added Unicode still a regenboogvlag to his offer, after requests from a Dutchman.

Alhumedhi already has the acclaim of Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who is an Ask Me Anything session, the girl organized. The girl tries her request to Unicode force convert people to vote for her emoji, via the site EmojiRequest. Also that site is in Unicode (and says emoji with the most votes, ultimately, to wear.

If the headscarf-emoji is approved, it will probably not until 2017 are available. The last new batch of emoji has recently been approved and found in iOS 10 and Android 7.0.

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