Vijfsterrenbeweging and centrumlinks new coalition forming in Italy

The popular Vijfsterrenbeweging (M5S) and the centre-left Democratic y (PD) have on Wednesday agreed to form coalition government in Italy. This will put an end to the political crisis, which began when a previous coalition partner of the M5S, the right-wing-populist party, Lega, unplug the power cord from the government and won.

Leader, Luigi Di Maio, of the Vijfsterrenbeweging made the agreement with the PD is a well-known after a meeting with the Italian president, Sergio Mattarella.

Absolutely sure, the new coalition has not yet. M5S, gives her party members a direct say, and the decision of the PD to take office online, with them as possible. The results of this consultation must be in before the end of next week, according to Di Maio.

The latest negotiations between the M5S and the PD were concerned with the position of the former prime minister, Giuseppe Conte. He is a member of the M5S, but it does have the support of the party.

The PD would not be that Conte is once again prime minister, it would be a hard requirement of the M5S. However, the centre-left party, was on Wednesday still active. The party leader, Nicola Zingaretti, told the Italian president Mattarella is that Conte is an acceptable candidate, he was later known.

Conte will be on Thursday at 9: 30 a.m. is expected by the president. It is expected that Matarella to him to ask for a new government to be formed.

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‘Hatred of the League, is the only binder’

League leader Matteo Salvini complained about the “hate” towards his party, it is the only medium in which political party. “This is not the first government who have been arguing before she came in,” said Salvini after a meeting with president Mattarella. “This government has been in charge of the G7 has been devised in the atlantic ocean.”

The formation process between the League and the M5S, which for months has lasted more than, not devoid of conflict.

The parties look closer under the pressures of the League

That is, the two parties are at all willing to cooperate, it is, indeed, remarkable. M5S came in as an anti-establishmentbeweging, and PD, as the traditional party of the political status quo, which by the M5S has been rejected.

The warm-up of the associated relationships for the most part, thanks to League-leader Salvini. That blew up last month, the ruling coalition with the M5S, by a vote of no confidence against Conte, and to declare that his party, the coalition partner, wants to work with.

Salvini wanted to be re-elected, which, in view of the good results of his party in the polls and could lead to a right-wing coalition, and a prominent role for the League.


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