Vietnam’s tourism is in the midst of the global corona virus outbreak in A bustling attractions, as is now almost empty

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) experts, the corona virus outbreak meets the criteria for “Disease X,” a placeholder for a list of the diseases that have the potential to reach an international epidemic levels.

HOI AN (Vietnam) — will Fly to South east Asia, has become a bit of a scary experience. It’s the sound of a person coughing or sneezing in an airplane, caused the wide-eyed reactions to the mask-wearing passengers. (In the meantime, the idea of people wearing medical masks in public to provoke giggles in many parts of the world. Right now, most of us can understand the concerns of a post-COVID-19 in the world.)

In the hustle and bustle at a popular tourist spot, in Hoi An, have a lift in the middle, the decline in the tourism in the region.
(By Andrew Fone)

Since the beginning of the novel corona virus, the masks such as those that are ubiquitous at airports, which are worn by just about anyone. Hand sanitizer is everywhere. At the airport counters, in the lobby of the hotel, it is a good idea to have a spray and a vigorous cleaning of the hands.


Vietnam has so far been spared the brunt of the corona virus in some cases. From The End Of February. 26, the government reported that only 16 people had contracted the disease in a country with a population of 95 million euros. Schools and universities were closed until the following month, and for the Lunar New Year), and in the cities, towns, and villages, and the children have been enjoying an extended vacation. The same is true for some of their parents, as many factories and businesses have closed, or are working with a limited number of staff.

Gone are the fears of a common corona virus outbreak, and the economic impact that is of concern to people here. Vietnam will be partially closed to the border with China, weeks, ago, and, according to the Straits Times, to protect themselves from people who might be exposed to the virus, but it has also minimized the trade, the largest export market. Farmers have piles and piles of watermelons and vegetables, and have no place to put them up for sale.


In the former imperial city of Hue, several restaurants, the signs, the banning of Chinese customers from entering. Some of the hotel bookings are down by as much as 80 percent of the time.

A sign outside of a restaurant in Hanoi says Chinese customers that they are not going to be served, “to [sic] that the solar corona is a disease of the past.”
(By Andrew Fone)


Just along the coast is Hoi An, a city famous for it’s beautiful beaches and new resorts, on your left. At the time of check in to the hotel, someone takes your temperature with a digital thermometer, and the employees are required to wear masks.

Some of the beach resorts in viet nam, in Hoi An, a report significat drops in bookings since the outbreak.
(By Andrew Fone)

There are a lot of Europeans who have chosen to be on the move, but as soon as they leave their hotels, they, too, are wearing masks. In the old town, past the lantern-lit river, and the crowds are gone.

Not too far away from the ocean, in a small town, a young woman from Hanoi, said she feared things would not improve in the near future. She opened her restaurant in may and said the business at this time of the year is usually very good. Now, looking at the empty tables in the room.

As a young girl in Hoi An is selling the lanterns in what was once a bustling lantern lit French.
(By Andrew Fone)


On this trip, I traveled with a self-confessed germaphobe. No sooner had we boarded the plane for the Clorox wipes out, and a good scrubbing of the session began. However, if we are on the left in the united states, the virus has been mostly contained to China, with a few exceptions here and there. Now, it has spread throughout the world, and the CDC to issue a Level 3 alert for the South Korea-(to avoid non-essential travel, and the transit through the airport and seems to be a very bad idea.

The constant washing of hands and avoidance of crowded places, but that is the biggest challenge might be getting at home.

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