Viergever: a Compliment, if you’re playing GVVV have learnt’

Nick Viergever is not to talk about what is a PSV player sat night left to see it against GVVV in the second round of the TOTO, THE Mug is no exception. The Locals were an extension is needed in order to come to terms with the amateurclub out of stock: 1-2.

“Yes, well, it was a real bar, and is angry with you today. You don’t need to expect that it had 0-5 it would win, because at this stage we are not at all”, he said, the case Viergever, after the end of the competition for FOX Sports.

“It’s been a difficult week. Of course, the hope is that he will score and this will be an easy match. It was a very, very, very, very, very, very bad.”

The troubled PLAYER, which on Monday said goodbye to coach Mark van Bommel, was at Sportpark Panhuis, through Konstantinos Mitroglou just before half-time still ahead of it, but as Soufiane Laghmouchi resulted in the 84th minute for the equalizer.

The game seemed to be following an exciting period of penalty-out of turn, but Muhammad Ihattaren shot in the 118th minute to get the winning hit for the PSV: 1 or 2.

“You’re in such a phase that it just doesn’t want to. Each and every game is difficult. That is now once again in evidence. You have him to yourself. Compliments-if you like this game you copied. It was exciting to see, but if you like football…”, said Viergever.

Mohamed Ihattaren delivered to PSV on the road, still to the profit. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“It is not just the way’

According to Viergever was the player not in the hand, but it had to be a number four of the Premier league is simply not easy to play football.

“It’s just gone. It’s only natural at this stage. We are in a hotel, and have done everything in our power to make ourselves well-prepared, but in this stage, it’s just not that easy,” said the central defender.

“You should be very happy that you have two minutes for a period of time for the winning to amateurclub. It wasn’t the best. That’s a compliment to GVVV, that’s a lot of fun the best they could, but there was nothing in it.”

Saturday, to know MANU what are the club’s next opponent in the cup, because it will be a tie for the eighth-finals. The eighth finals are on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of January it was finished.

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