Video: this durable Canadian brand conjures tweedehandskleren to new items

Preloved was founded in 1995 in Canada. For more than twenty years they make new items of second-hand clothes.

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Julia Grieve founded Preloved in 1995. Her goal is to make the fashion industry more sustainable, and the modecyclus a little more to close. The brand Preloved goes against the fast fashion, philosophy as cheap as possible as much as possible, trend conscious pieces on the market. Preloved manufactures in Canada itself and pay a fair price to the designers and workers.

The clothes where they go to work, are normally used for the storthoop. Used clothing can not all be sold or sent to third world countries. Not only because it is in these countries is often too hot for certain items, but also because there is in many places an oversupply and donated tweedehandskleren the local clothing industry in the war.

The garments where Preloved is nothing to can do, may be picked up by young designers, art schools or other interested parties. Julia Grieve says the following in the video: ‘the more people like our work, the better.’ The brand also works with overschotstoffen of larger brands. That end up otherwise in landfills.



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