Video of the fatal arrest in North Carolina is shared by family

Video of the fatal arrest in North Carolina is shared by family

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The family of Keith Scott, the man who on Tuesday by a police officer was shot and killed in Charlotte, a city in the U.s. state of North Carolina, on Friday released footage of the run-up to the shooting.

On the images is to see how agents the car from Scott at gunpoint to keep him summon his weapon to drop. The wife of Scott, that the images made calls to Scott that he was out of the car and against the agents that her husband was not a weapon. According to her, leads Scott to traumatic brain injury and he has just the medications taken.

“Don’t do it”, exclaims Rakeyia Scott a number of times against her husband, then shots sound. Then a man on the ground to see with agents around him.

A source close to the investigation into the death of Scott was reported Friday to CNN that the police on the spot of the shooting with a loaded weapon has been found, with fingerprints and DNA-traces of Scott.


Family members of Scott have the police called up the video footage of the fatal moment, that by the agents is made, to release. This last week, however, more difficult is made by a local law, which the authorities only allows politiebeelden to release it after a court order to do so.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports the call to politiebeelden of the shooting of Scott. The Democrate announced on Sunday a visit to Charlotte.


It’s been a few days restless in North Carolina, after Scott was shot. Hundreds of people took to the streets.

The police handle all evenings in after protesters during or after the marches, groups of agents surrounded. There were fireworks and debris to the agents thrown and shops looted.

The police used several times tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators to disperse. The mayor has the state of emergency was declared. Also, the local police, strengthening of the National Guard to keep the rest.

During the riots of Wednesday night 44 people were arrested and got nine people injured. A man is Thursday night died after he was shot during the riots.

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