Video: man finds song, which he has been 20 years in his head is

A Congolese taxi driver has twenty years of searching for the title of a song. The song had a great meaning for him, because his deceased mother, it is a beautiful song found. The reaction when the song reached, was also emotional.

Congolese taxi driver will find out the song where he worked for twenty years, looking, © gf

Have you ever come across a song whose title no longer know oorwurmgewijs in your head forever? With this same feeling was a Congolese taxi driver for twenty years.

The man learned the song in question in 1993, when he and his mother heard it in a Chinese grocery store. At its request, gave the grocer her the cassette of the song, but that was lost after the mother and son to South Africa, and moved.

Shortly afterwards died the mother of the man. He was also the heart, that he could no longer listen to the song from the grocery store that her remembered. The man, who now as a taxi driver worked, was committed to the song to find it and hummed it for twenty years, and for all its Asian customers.

His problem was solved when for the first time, two Taiwanese and a taxi ordered. The two recognized the song, a love song turns out to be, right away. When they get the song to let him hear, the man is deeply troubled.

This is the song in question.

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