Video: is this the city of the future?

In the experimental town of Arcosanti in the Arizona desert, making the inhabitants as much use as possible of the natural conditions and as little as possible of fossil fuels and other materials that the nature damage.

© Cody, Wikicommons

Arcosanti is the idea of the in 2013 death of Italian architect Paolo Soleri. He started in the seventies with the construction of the experimental town in the Arizona desert. He wanted to build a city that makes the best use of the natural conditions such as the heat and light from the sun and materials from the environment. Therefore, there would be as little possible damage inflicted to the earth. He called this concept where he is architecture and ecology combined ‘arcology’.

Soleri is already several years deceased, but Arcosanti is still alive and kicking. There live between 50 and 150 people standing, but in addition attracts the town, interested people from all over the world for a shorter or longer time want to build. They can also attend courses and workshops.

The Atlantic went on a visit to Arcosanti and made this video, in which the inhabitants of the principles behind ‘arcology’ show and explain. The concept, according to them, a lot of possibilities for the construction of cities in the future. (MS)

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