Victoria Koblenko was expected to be a tougher mom-to-be

Victoria Koblenko in August of 2016, and the mother of a son, Kiy, and had previously expected to be a strict mother, it would have been. That’s too bad, as she describes herself at the Woman.

“I thought that if I were a book, it would read that he is on his second one already potty trained, it would have to be. That’s it from me, they ought to be. But none of that,” said the 38-year-old actress.

Also geduldigheid surprise to her, prior to the arrival of her son, she thought, impatient to be less than it appears. “But what I do notice is that if I have three days with the Kiy, I was on the third day, more stringent, because my patience is better and faster runs. Where I am on the first day of the period of time it would take to have a fit of weeping, than to let it on the third day, before dreinend on the bike.”

When it comes to the education of the son, Kiy, his Koblenko and her husband Evgeniy Levchenko for the most part agree with each other. “In any case, when it comes to the main points. And about the food. I want to be myself and not have gezondheidsgek, but I want to be, however, that the Kiy is good to eat. Last time he came back from the nursery, and he told me that he and the pasta had been eaten. Turned out the chip had been. That he had never seen before. I am proud to announce that he and broccoli, and sperzieboontjes are looking for.”

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