Victims re-entry ban USA boarding again after the decision judge

Victims re-entry ban USA boarding again after the decision judge

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Airlines allowed passengers to the US from the seven countries for which president Donald Trump a re-entry ban had been promulgated. Now the court the ban temporarily suspended, they are with a valid visa here in the US.

The Us immigration has airlines to let them know that they are people from Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Syria once again may bring.

KLM let know the message to have received. The Dutch airline is there to say “delighted” about.

A federal judge in Seattle decided the re-entry ban for citizens of seven muslim countries to temporarily suspend. He made it clear that since last week restrictions for entry to the U.S. could immediately be eliminated.

Presidential decree

That restrictions on admission were the result of a previous week by Trump signed presidential decree.

Justice is a spoedverzoek by a judge to submit to the prohibition to continue to maintain, let spokesman Sean Spicer know via Twitter. “We believe that the decision of the president within the law and so is allowed.”

According to Spicer, “the president’s constitutional right and the responsibility to the American people to protect. The only purpose of the re-entry ban is to protect the country.” For that reason would Trump “aliens that are harmful for the country to deny access.”

Federal measures

The state of Washington recently filed a lawsuit because of the re-entry ban. The measure would allow residents of those countries to do harm and, moreover, invite to discrimination. Later closed the state of Minnesota to the case.

The estimates on the number of visas that is repealed since Trump and the re-entry ban issued diverge. The Washington Post revealed Friday that more than 100,000 visas would go. According to the ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the around the 60,000 visa.

Airline Lufthansa began Friday again carrying passengers from ‘countries of concern’ to Boston. A court in the state of Massachusetts, had there Friday, even though the re-entry ban temporarily suspended.

Again protests against Trumps category

In New York marched around ten thousand protesters to the building of the immigration.

Also at the airport of San Francisco was protested.

In Washington D. C. there were large protests at the White House.

Protesters walk in the direction of the White House in Washington.

In Washington, it was later in the evening a torchlight procession walked to the observatory, as a protest against the re-entry ban.

Also at the airport Sunday evening, January 29, protesting against the entry of Us president Donald Trump.

For the main entrance of the airport held a crowd signs up with texts such as ‘refugees welcome’.

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Opponents argue that the re-entry ban against the constitution conflict, because people on basis of religion will be banned. Also, it is Trump randomness blamed, because islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt are not on the list. This, in contrast to the seven mentioned countries, areas, where, however, the terrorists came from over the last few decades in the US attacks have occurred.

Critics point out that companies of Trump with the countries where the entry for gold is not traded. This applies, for example, for Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

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Storm of criticism

The decree of Trump led the world to a storm of protests and criticism. The criticism of the re-entry ban came not only from opponents of Trump, but also by allies such as British prime minister Theresa May. Also, attorneys general from sixteen American states have protested against the decree of Trump.

The ‘ban’ also led to strange situations. So was the former Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik on Friday temporarily detained at the airport in Washington because he is an Iranian stamp in his passport. The politician visited in 2014 Iran for a conference on human rights.

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