“Very possible,” part of the government shutdown will continue into the new year, says Mulvaney

in the vicinityVideoMick Mulvaney goes in the inner edge wall negotiations and a timetable for the agreement, says the ball is in Democrats’ court

Incoming act chief of staff of the White house, the President of Trump’s negotiations with Democrats and Secretary of defense James Mattis’ resignation on ” Fox News Sunday.’

Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Director, and the incoming Acting chief of staff of the White house Mick Mulvaney told “Fox News Sunday” that the ongoing partial government shutdown is expected to be up in the new year, as President, Trump insists on the financing of a border wall, and “refuses to go along, to get together.”

Mulvaney also claimed that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is weeks away from recapturing its role as the speaker of the house, is deliberately negotiations, the efforts to find a solution to the partial closure began at midnight Saturday, and affects a quarter of the Federal workforce.

“It is very possible to shut down to go on the 28. and in the new Congress,” said Mulvaney. He added that Federal employees receive pay, the only future billing periods will be affected by the date, and that.

“I think there is an implication here for Nancy Pelosi’s choice for the speakership,” Mulvaney. “I think she is now committed in this unfortunate position of being to their left wing where they can’t be seen, such as the agreement with the President on anything, until after the speakers.”

The Senate to reconvene is set on Dec. 27, and sources on both sides of the aisle have said, Fox News, Washington might be able to take a longer.

Mulvaney pointed to the picture of the so-called “steel-plate barrier” fencing, Trump tweeted on Friday a possible source of compromise in the negotiations. The President called it a barrier “completely effective, while at the same time beautiful.”


“This is what we want to build,” said Mulvaney, referring to the image in Trump’s tweet. “The Democrats,” the mind is not a wall. So you are 1.3 billion of us have offered to build dollars, is the barrier that we want to-but then they go on TV and say there is no money for the wall. We have already said, the Democrats, we want to build, what tweeted the President. It doesn’t have to be a 30-foot-high concrete [wall].”

Early on Sunday, Trump tweeted that while “the drones and all the rest are wonderful and a lot of fun,” only “a good old-fashioned wall” is really effective.

But Mulvaney said, Democrats had weeks ago offered $1.6 billion for the barrier only two, and now with $1.3 billion, you were in “the wrong direction” – perhaps, he said, because Pelosi’s political ambitions.

“This is what is looks like Washington, if you have a President who refuses to go to, to come forward,” said Mulvaney host Chris Wallace.

The main sticking point of the negotiations was the financing for Trump signature 2016 campaign, the wall promises to the southern border. Trump had requested $ 5.7 billion for wall-financing and an invoice, that the funding passed the house on Friday. But the efforts have derailed in the Senate, where 60 votes were required for passage under the current filibuster rules, and, therefore, Democrat votes are required in connection with the support by the GOP.


Democrats have poured cold water on the idea that you would support, all in the vicinity. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, said on Saturday that the wall was a “bone on a hard right”, and she had proposed $1.3 billion for “border security”.

Leon Panetta: There is too much chaos and crisis in the Trump administration, the country needs more stability

The former Minister of defense speaks about his concerns at home and abroad on ” Fox News Sunday.’

“I have heard, the President and his allies in the media to say that Democrats don’t support border security. Nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats have always been for smart and effective ways to secure our border,” he said. “We are pushing for the technology, such as drones and sensors, and inspection equipment.”

The Senate adjourned on Saturday afternoon and was not due to meet for a scheduled session until Thursday. Early Saturday evening, the house is also closing for the day.

Vice President Pence, and Mulvaney arrived at the Capitol Saturday afternoon to meet with Schumer continuation of the negotiations for an end to the impasse. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said that “productive discussions are ongoing.”

“If these negotiations a solution acceptable to all parties-which means that 60 votes in the Senate, a majority in the house, and a presidential signature — at this point, we take it up here in the Senate,” he said.

Separately on Sunday, Mulvaney Trump defended the planned troop withdrawal from Syria, says that while “we recognize the fact that these unpopular within the beltway” and “we recognize this fact is unpopular within the defence Ministry,” the move is ultimately “very popular with the ordinary American people.”

FILE -In this Sept. 21, 2018, file photo, Minister of defense of Jim Mattis speaks during the 2018 POW/MIA National recognition day ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington. President Donald Trump says that Mattis to retire at the end of February 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, file)

Mulvaney in addition, the defense of the vagina suggested to the Minister Jim Mattis was the right man for the job.

“Let’s be honest with each other,” said Mulvaney. “I think the relationship between these two men [Trump and Mattis] had fraying. I don’t think that the President relied on to Mattis to deliver the president’s vision. The President must know – I do not agree with the President on everything he asks me to. In fact, we are not to go. I think he hires people who don’t agree with him, because he’s ok and loves it, the different input? But if I’m not physically unable, utterly unable, to do what he wants from me, only because I believe it, I can serve him.”

But Leon Panetta, who previously served as the Director of the CIA, Secretary of defense, the White house chief of staff and OMB Director, later told Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” that the government’s move, demanding the resignation of Syria-seemingly about Mattis’ repeated and strenuous objections-that was irresponsible.

“I think the step back to pull to all of a sudden, the troops of Syria has sent a terrible message to the world, where the United States stands for,” Panetta said.

He added: “If we send a message to ISIS, somehow, you come back, you can be persistent, you can come back and attack us and us vulnerable to another 9/11 attack-that is unacceptable.”

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