Vertonghen: “it is Not often more teruggedacht at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS

Through the social media stakes top golfer’s club bag Thomas Pieters and football player Jan Vertonghen, their mutual admiration is not under chairs or sofas. Sport/Voetbalmagazine brought them together in London, where amongst other terugblikten on their past sportjaar.

Jan Vertonghen (left) and Thomas Pieters (right) in a London street. © BELGAIMAGE – YORICK JANSENS

On voetbalvlak there was the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in France, where the Red Devils to the high expectations not quite able to meet. ‘Very unfortunate, because we were further able to get, but we also knew bad luck with all those injuries. It was frustrating that we are there with the three posts next to each other in the stands were’, says Jan Vertonghen. “The elimination against Argentina at the world cup was also a disappointment, but we could still live with it, it was a strong team and there was also Germany, which deservedly became world champion. At this european CHAMPIONSHIP, we had really the feeling: here we can win. We were all between 23 and 29 years, the best age… very unfortunate. For everyone. But I have not much more to teruggedacht. Three weeks later, you start again on a new season with Tottenham, then you put that pretty quickly aside.”

At club level, can the defender still on a satisfactory year look back, he finds: “I was happy that we with Tottenham Champions Leaguevoetbal knew to enforce, that was all since my arrival, a goal of the club. It was a bit overshadowed by the miss of the title, but I personally have never had the feeling that we where really close to were. For example, We have never in the lead stood, as Leicester did.’

Thomas Pieters was 2016 the year of the global breakthrough, with a fourth place at the Olympic Games in Rio and the beginning of October a uitblinkersrol during the Ryder Cup, where he made history as the best debutant ever. Pieters: “The Ryder Cup was a personal top, but we as a team lost, so it really has not. Until then I thought my season was very successful, also the way in which I need a qualification afdwong with a victory in Denmark and a good performance in Rio. But after that Ryder Cup, I was emotionally so that my seizoenseinde the fog is gone. I can’t be satisfied. Fortunately I still have the satisfaction that I 2016 within the top fifty of the world shut down.’

Read the interview with Vertonghen and Pieters in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 21 december.

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