Verhoeven retains his title after an injury to Sources

Rico Verhoeven, Saturday is the much-anticipated wereldtitelgevecht with Badr Hari would have won. In the case of defending the heavy-weight in the kickboksbond Glory won, in the rematch at the GelreDome stadium in Arnhem, the netherlands, due to a new injury in the Sources.

Hari was a great beginning to a spectacular fight, he was Consistent the second time on the ground and stood in front of when he was in the third of five rounds, hurt by a spiral staircase.

The 35-year-old Moroccan man from Amsterdam had a suspected fracture to the leg or just on the canvas. Since Hari could not go on fighting, and was Consistent with a technical knockout is declared the winner.

Hari was still crying on the ground, where his leg was wrapped up and the Consistent, comforting words to say. He was put on a stretcher out of the bus station and to behave appropriately.

In the fight of the century ” between Turkey and the Sources – are in 2016 and in the German Oberhausen – ran Hari with a broken arm, so he’s in the second round, had to give up the victory to Turkey, and entered.

It’s that moment when Badr Hari is injured on the ground, fighting for his life. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Anti-climactic for the 31.000 fans

It was a Saturday, again, somewhat of an anticlimax for the 31,000 fans that are made for crowd numbers for for New. The fight is made as of the beginning of the show, because the Turkey was already in the first lap to the floor, and after a sharp right on the chin of Hari.

The title was there for the first time in his New career, the eight count. He fought until Saturday, the nineteenth time in the kickboksbond, and has won eighteen times.

Hari won the first round, but Turkey came back in the second round. The Dutchman was, in round three, again in eight-count after a kick to the head, and it seemed to be the fear of defeat, until Hari injured.

Verhoeven: “I was told Badr that it’s not over between you and me. However, at the end of the day, health is the most important thing. We will be back to fight each other.”

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Turkey has the world title ever since the 2014 in-possession

Over the past few years, the kickbokswereld talking about a rematch between the Sources and the Turkey. A second game caused partly by a term of imprisonment, and dopingschorsing of the Sources a long time to come.

Born in Amsterdam, who are fighting under the Moroccan flag, was set up in april, with retroactive effect, for nineteen months, suspended for a positive doping test, after the end of the game back in march 2018, against Hesdy Gerges. He is not allowed since the start of this month, and take action.

Turkey has the world title in the heavyweight since June 2014 and is in possession of. He defended the belt before, with success, against Guto Innocente, Benjamin Adegbuyi (twice), Mladen Brestovac (twice), Errol Zimmerman, Anderson Silva and Jamal Ben Saddik.

Rico Verhoeven, and Badri Hari, embrace each other after the fight. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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