Verhoeven has ‘many options’ towards the end of GLORY-contract

Rico Verhoeven keeps all options open now his contract with profbond GLORY in a couple of days expires. According to his manager Karim Erja has the world champion in kickboxing the offers for the pick, but is his preferred method of GLORY.

“Rico has a lot of options, actually from all disciplines within the martial arts. Yes, but from the angle of the normal boxing”, says manager Erja Friday against the Brabants Dagblad.

“He wants to basically just continue to kickboxing. We also talk with other organizations as long as we still GLORY in negotiation.”

The 29-year-old Verhoeven had in the past, know a trip to the boxing. A year ago, said he is open to a confrontation with boxing champion Anthony Joshua. “So you open up a whole new door, so that kind of things seem like a lot of fun,” he said then.

Verhoeven has been around since June 21, 2014 heavyweight world champion at GLORY. At the end of september he defended his title in the Johan Cruijff ArenA for the eighth time with success by the Brazilian Guto Innocente to beat.


Summary battle Verhoeven against Innocente

‘Doesn’t matter that he contractloos’

Manager Erja is not worried about the negotiations with GLORY. “That he will soon be equally contractloos is, it does not matter. There are short term no fights scheduled. We will wait. At the negotiations is, of course, about money, but not only about that,” he says.

“Rico wants GLORY to assist in his ambitions for the kickbokssport to create a larger, at home and abroad. You do not want to be king of an empty kingdom. He draws on his own five times more ratings than the eight kickboksers behind him in the ranking at each other. That seems nice for us, but that is also not always ideal.”

In the kickbokswereld is still hoping for a new confrontation between Verhoeven and Badr Hari, who are seen as the two best heavyweights.

Verhoeven and Hari hit each other at the end of 2016 in Oberhausen. Hari had the battle went on strike because of an arm injury and was then a few months because of some abuses.

Also with acteerambities is taken into account

Verhoeven also has great ambitions as an actor and also that is according to Erja included in the discussions with GLORY. According to the manager, it is possible that the bond can take advantage of the Dutch.

“Also, we would like that GLORY thinks, how the kickbokssport can take advantage of the acteerplannen of Rico. Suppose, for example, that he was once a kickboksfilm going to make it, how to see GLORY his role in it?”

The coming year is Verhoeven as a principal to see in The Black Lotus. He is also the co-producer of the English-language action movie.

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