Verhoeven expects that Hari him in second fight will not stop

Verhoeven expects that Hari him in second fight will not stop

Photo: NUsport

Rico Verhoeven expects that Badr Hari in a new kickboksgevecht will not beat. The 27-year-old Dutchman says to be ready for the new confrontation.

“Badr will not me stop,” says Verhoeven for the camera of NUsport. “He has the previous times not done and that he will go the next time not do it. If he again wants to do, then we do it again.”

The 32-year-old Hari had earlier this month know that he in may or June, ready to take revenge, after he in december the fight against Verhoeven in the German Oberhausen had to stop because of a involved in his forearm. However, it is still not sure whether it was this spring, to a new confrontation.

“If we are around, we will certainly do so,” says Verhoeven. “But there is still nothing final. We have also not yet time, and location. There are so many things to be discussed. It is such a big race, that is not about one or two nights are discussed and recorded. There goes some time over it, but who knows.”

Rico Verhoeven: ‘Badr is not to stop”


Because of Hari, the last time injured, was the ‘fight of the century’, no climax, already made the final winner Verhoeven little. “Ultimately, it is just very simple. I’d like to kick him on his arm and he stops. That is the most important?”

After told Hari that he had won if he was not injured, was hit. “That’s a weird answer, of course,” said the Dutchman. “That is the same if I say: ‘if you take my arm not broken, had to be kicked, then I’d knock you out completely’. That is a bit of a strange wording, but it is what it is.”

Yet hopes Verhoeven that he was Hari, without giving beat. “I hope that next time he not prematurely going out when he’s in a bit of pain from his arm. I’m ready and I feel like. I’ve been with broken hands and broken legs fought, so I never stop.”

Verhoeven does not feel any extra aggression against Hari after the final duel. “Everyone trains hard to prepare for, so I respect everyone. At the moment I am in the ring stand, let me see that I have the best am. That has nothing with aggression or hatred.”

“Ultimately, it is a controlled aggression, because you have, of course, a certain aggression to match. But my hatred of Badr is zero.”

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Incidentally, it is not only dependent on an agreement between both parties and the organization, or the fight in the spring to continue. Hari must on 7 February, for the court must appear and may receive a prison sentence because of serious abuse of the now murdered businessman Koen Everink during the charge dance party Sensation White in the Arena in 2013.

Verhoeven is not concerned with the lawsuit. “I follow it not, and it interests me not. He is a great athlete and has a lot of performance, so I’m focusing on. I am not concerned with the randzaken.”

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