Venice performs conduct of business rules in order to inconvenience tourists to go

The city council of Venice has approved a series of rules of conduct to the nuisance, in the popular tourist destination. As visitors in most parts of the Italian city of no longer be in swimsuits around and in the channels jump.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro tries since taking office in 2015, the large sustainable in its city limit. The city council has regularly agreed to stricter rules for tourists.

Thus, for example, from the beginning of 2020 a special tax for people of the Italian city one day to visit. The latest set of measures focuses on the behavior of the millions of tourists that Venice has.

The consumption of alcohol between 22.00 and 8.00 pm according to the rules only allowed in places where liquor is served. Drinking a drink in public places is no longer allowed. May tourists with a bare-chested or in bikini by the city.

On the violation of a rule is subject to a fine of 25 to 500 euro, report Italian media. It is not clear when the measures exactly.

Venice each year, about 25 million tourists visited. ()

Brugnaro: Tourists should be respectful are

Brugnaro states that tourists in the city, respectful behavior must exhibit and off can be if they break the rules. Prostitutes also get with tighter rules. They may not acquire new customers on the street and in the channels.

Venice each year, about 25 million tourists visited. The population is since the Second world War, fell sharply 175,000 to 50.000. The remaining inhabitants denounce the mass tourism and find that they are for the costs to pay.

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