Venice 2017, a festival of impressive names

Rarely offered a festival as a beautiful range of directors such as the Venice film festival in 2017. Or that resounding names all, even with the better work coming, it remains to wait. But on the good nose in the matter of Alberto Barbera, director of the oldest film festival in the world, one can usually rely.

Alberto Barbera © REUTERS

The selection includes something for everyone, ranging from Hollywoodprenten about arthousefilms and a new section proposing, virtual reality called, a documentary about the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei about the global migratiecrisis: “Human Flow”. For that film were in 23 different countries, made recordings. Also the Belgian cinema draws present, with work by Anne Fontaine (“Marvin”) in the section Horizons, and of Michael R. Roskam. His “Le Fidèle”, the Belgian oscar nomination, is out of competition films.

Compete for the Golden Lion

The festivities begin Wednesday with the screening of “Downsizing” of the indie-film-maker Alexander Payne, a sciencefictionsatire with Matt Damon and Christopher Waltz in the lead roles. The given: in the future, the people in an overpopulated world is getting smaller.

“Downsizing” and the “Human Flow” are two of the 21 films this year vying for the top prize, the Golden Lion. Other directors, their stripes have long earned, Darren Aronafsky (“Mother!), George Clooney (“Suburbicon”), Guillermo del Toro (“The Shape of Water”), Robert Guediguian (“La Villa”), Abdellatif Kechiche (“Mektoub, my love: canto uno”), Hirokazu Kore-eda (“The Third Murder”), Xavier Legrand (“Jusqu’à la Garde”) and Paul Schrader (“First Reformed”).

Samuel Maoz, the author of “Lebanon”, his latest, “Foxtrot”, was screened. Martin McDonagh, creator of “In Bruges”, draws present with the black comedy “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” about a vuilgebekte woman – Frances McDormand – on the search for the killer of her daughter, and Alexander Haigh, author of the award-winning “45 Years”, with the avonturenprent “Lean on Pete”. Paolo Virzi, maker of the excellent antineoliberale “Il Capitale Humano”, presented at the Mostra “The Leisure Seeker”.

The candidate list is also supplemented with previously unfamiliar names such as Ziad Doueri (“L ” Insulte”), though, the man was a cameraman from “Pulp Fiction”, Andrea Pallaoro (“Hannah”), the brothers Antonio and Marco Manetti (“Amore e malavita”, a musical about the Neapolitan mafia), Sebastiano Riso (“Una Famiglia”), Warwick Thornton (“Sweet Country”) and documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman (“Ex libris”, a three-hour picture about the library of New York).

Gems out of competition

Out of competition are the latest movies of, among others, Stephen Frears, Takeshi Kitano, Lucretia Martel, Errol Morris and James Toback. Frears, who in the Event with a prize will be honoured, brings in “Victoria and Abdul” the story about the – really happened – friendship between the British queen, played by Dame Judy Dench, and an Indian muslim servant. The now 72-year-old Toback made his debut in 1978 with the now legendary “Fingers”. His latest film is called “The private life of a modern woman”. “Loving Pablo” blends reality and fiction: Javier Bardem play in the film the Colombian drugsbaas Pablo Escobar, his wife in real life Penelope Cruz plays a sterjournaliste that have a relationship with him begins. “Our souls at night”, a Netflix production, it would have to have the famous ‘chemistry’ between the actors, in this case, the veterans Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. The story: a widow and widower meet and the love is there again.

Also out of competition documentaries shown of, among others, Abel Ferrara (“Piazza Vittorio”) and William Friedkin. His “The Devil and Father Amorth” is a portrait of a renowned duiveluitdrijver Gabriele Amorth – something where the creator of “The Exorcist” best familiar. As a Special Event, “Casa di Altri” of Gianni ‘Ladro di Bambini’ Amelio and John Landis’ “Michael Jackson’s thriller 3D” is displayed.

The new section Virtual Reality, finally, contains some exceptions, former winner of the Golden Lion Tsai Ming-liang and Lou reed’s widow, artist Laurie Anderson – only work of, as yet, noble strangers. The same applies, at Anne Fontaine, for the section of Horizons. That section is intended to provide new talent to discover.

For those who at all this beauty want to keep it at only ten to see, is Clooney’s “Suburbicon” for the mandatory costs. The film is based on an old script by the Coen-brothers, and shows off Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac. “Mother!” from Darren Aronofsky are the expectations high. The director of “Pi” and “The Black Swan” takes this time out with a real horrorprent with Javier Bardem and eighties icon Michelle Pfeiffer. To spoilers to avoid, is the plot still in dense fog shrouded. Pure arthouse in turn, can be expected to be of a “Mekthoub, My Love: Canto Uno” of the Frenchman Abdellatif Kechiche, who with the lesbian Bildungsfilm “Blue is the Warmest Colour” 2013 Golden Palm of Cannes won, and the Japanese veelfilmer Koreeda Hirokazu. Del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” is to Barbera says the best movie of the Mexican filmmaker for more than ten years and would be a kind of return to “Pans Labyrinth” mean.

Saturday 9 september, the prices, the Golden Lion, awarded by a jury under the direction of the American actress Annette Bening.

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