Venezuelan opposition leader López to leave prison

Venezuelan opposition leader López to leave prison

Photo: AFP

The Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has Saturday the prison in Caracas leave. He must be the rest of his punishment is to sit out and get house arrest.

The supreme court in Venezuela fit his punishment because of health problems.

The leader of the opposition is since 2014 a fourteen-year sentence for allegedly inciting violence during a protest against the government.

Last month, he still sent a video message to be heard. López then called from his cell, the military in its own country, against the government of president Nicolás Maduro to revolt. According to López should the military take the lead to rebel against the government, that the Venezuelan people will be suppressed.

Venezuela has been months in chaos. There are regular protests against the leftist government of Maduro, since the highest court of the land parliament on a tangent. That step was reversed, but that there was no end to the popular rage.

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