Venezuelan interim president in spite of travel ban at the benefit concert in Colombia

The Venezuelan interim president Juan Guaidó appeared Friday at a benefit concert for Venezuelans in neighboring Colombia. The purpose of this concert was to be $ 100 million (about 88 million euro) for humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Venezuela.

Guaidó arrived arm-in-arm with the president of Colombia, Iván Duque. His Chilean counterpart, Sebastián Piñera was also present at the concert in Cucuta, a few hundred metres from the border with Venezuela.

The supreme court of Venezuela issued an injunction against the interim president at the end of January to Venezuela to leave. Guaidó was therefore a surprising guest for all the spectators.

Guaidó said he Thursday in the capital Caracas had left and after a journey of thirty hours in Cucuta had arrived.

He is in his own words thanks to the help of the military in Venezuela many of the checkpoints passed, and the Venezuelan-Colombian border crossing. He did not say where he and the border passed.

The Venezuelan border near Cucuta is closed. By a series of countries, including the Netherlands, as interim president approved Guaidó visited in Cucuta storage areas with supplies that are mostly from the US are collected. He was accompanied by the president of the host country, Colombia, Iván Duque and his colleagues Abdo Benítz of Paraguay, and Sebastián Piñera of Chile.

President Maduro refuses help from multiple countries and organizations

Multiple countries and aid agencies offered it in a crisis Venezuela to help, but resisted president Nicolás Maduro against. He left last Tuesday to know that the land 300 tons of relief from ally Russia will receive.

Help running on, for example, Curaçao can of Maduro the limit or not, just as supplies from Brazil. He was also an important bridge between Colombia and Venezuela block, which supplies the country is not, or could barely reach.

New sanctions for Maduro threatened

Among other things, the U.s. government has said new sanctions against the government of Maduro as he is this weekend the arrival of relief supplies trying to block.

Also various members of the Lima group, a coalition of South American countries, with neighbouring countries Colombia and Brazil, have said they will look at whether there are any new sanctions imposed must be as the emergency Venezuela this weekend, not able to reach.


How the soaring inflation, Venezuela to revolt drives

Venezuela sigh under crisis

Venezuela sigh for a number of years under a humanitarian and economic crisis. The government of Maduro, however, has little regard for the problems of many of the inhabitants. They often have only limited access to medicines and food.

Maduro denies himself, however, that his country has to deal with a humanitarian crisis. A charity program in which the United States and Guaidó work called Maduro a Washington-directed show. He sees this as a precursor to foreign military intervention.

At protests on the border with Brazil, Venezuelan soldiers, two people shot. Also, there are fifteen wounded cases.

António Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, the Venezuelan authorities warned no fatalities among the demonstrators.


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