Venezuelan interim president: Humanitarian aid on 23 February

Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s interim president, has said on Tuesday that the humanitarian aid on 23 February the South American country arrives.

In Venezuela prevails for months, an economic crisis, causing many residents to go hungry. After inhabitants for weeks protested, cried Guaidó himself the interim president of the country. According to him, the incumbent president, Nicolás Maduro, no free elections.

Venezuelan soldiers have Wednesday with two semi-trailers, a major border crossing between Colombia and Venezuela blocked. This humanitarian aid is currently stopped.

Maduro does not want humanitarian aid, but requires removal of the measures against Venezuela are taken. According to Maduro help is only a harbinger of foreign military intervention. The American president Donald Trump threatened there before.


How the soaring inflation, Venezuela to revolt drives

The netherlands recognises Guaidó as interim president

Several countries from the European Union, including the Netherlands, acknowledge Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela. “Maduro is not chosen in the way that we expect in a democracy”, said Stef Blok, the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs.

“Guaidó is. Therefore we are going to have relationships with him to expedite that there are democratic elections in Venezuela will be organized. Thus we also give a signal to the population: we stand behind your commitment to hold democratic elections,” said Block.

Unlike Trump wants to Block not yet allocated to military intervention. “Such big steps are not obvious,” said the minister. “The situation in the country is bad; there is no food, there are no medications and there is a lot of poverty. The solution now lies primarily in democratic elections.”

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