Venezuela strike against the regime of president Maduro

Venezuela strike against the regime of president Maduro

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In Venezuela on Thursday a national strike began against the regime of president Nicolás Maduro. According to observers, is the capital city of Caracas there are deserted and shops closed.

With the barricades that the protesters ‘trancazos’ (hard punches) call, the traffic thwarted. The strike of 24 hours, the pressure of the opposition on the regime.

Millions of Venezuelans spent last weekend at improvised polling stations, their vote against the current left-populist government in an unofficial ‘referendum’ about the regime. That wants to stay in power by the parliament to turn it off.

The government is due to the massive shortages of basic necessities, the violent crime, corruption and inflation, which, according to observers, this year can reach up to 950 percent, very unpopular. Since march, there are major protests and in many places are barricades erected.

In the violence around the protests are all around a hundred deaths. The regime put fighting forces against protesters in. By acute shortages of everything save protests also quick to violent looting.

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Maduro has been around since 2015 is no majority anymore in parliament, that on a siding. He wants to be at the end of July a new ‘constituent assembly’. The opposition will see in this plan a trick to the parliament to lift and a dictatorship established.

Or Maduro and his supporters in the army and the state apparatus has been able to maintain in the chaos, is unclear. According to some estimates, only 25 percent of the population supporter of Maduro. He followed in 2013, the charismatic left-wing populist Hugo Chávez in oil-rich Venezuela a lot of money distributed at times of high oil prices.

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