Venezuela plant military exercise in response to US

Venezuela plant military exercise in response to US

Photo: AFP

The Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro has the army troops of the country commissioned next week, a national exercise to perform.

Maduro responded to the threat from the United States. President Donald Trump gave previously that he military intervention in Venezuela will no longer be bred.

“I have been given the task of preparing for a national military exercise”, said the Venezuelan president in a speech in Caracas. The exercise will be held on 26 and 27 August, reports AFP.


The American vice-president Mike Pence took Monday in Colombia during his visit to South America very hard, to Venezuela. He called the country “a failed state that this is a threat to the United States. But we will avoid that Venezuela is falling into a dictatorship. We will all economic and diplomatic power from the cabinet to the democracy in the country to recover”.

Pence, who this week a number of South American countries to visit let Sunday know that the United States have confidence in a peaceful solution to the situation in Venezuela.”


Vice-president Mike Pence relies on a peaceful solution to Venezuela

Oil reserves

Earlier this week, said Trump already tough words about the crisis in Venezuela. He said among other things that “American military intervention in the country belongs to the possibilities.”

The statements of the US to strengthen Venezuela in the idea that Washington is in control of the Venezuelan oil reserves, the largest in the world.

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