Venezuela close sea border with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire

Venezuela has the sea border with Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, be closed, says a regional commander of the navy Tuesday. This would make Venezuela likely to prevent humanitarian aid from the Antilles, the South American country arrives.

Venezuela has no official reason for the closing of the limits disclosed.

Juan Guaidó, that himself a month ago, and as interim president of Venezuela named, has announced that on Saturday, supplies the country will arrive.

Supplies would be covered more via Curaçao to Venezuela, but the incumbent president Nicolás Maduro will be planes and ships coming from the ABC-countries be stopped. He calls the response a harbinger of foreign military intervention.

A spokesman for the Brazilian president said that Brazil together with the United States a plan for humanitarian aid to Venezuela has set up. Brazil is the relief supplies to the border with Venezuela, in which Guaidó responsible for the introduction of the help.

Dutch ministry to find out what is going on

The United States and several EU countries, including the Netherlands, acknowledge Guaidó as interim president of the country. According to the Netherlands Maduro was not, according to a democratic process chosen.

A spokesman of the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the Netherlands is not a formal confirmation of the Venezuelan action. The department is trying to figure out what the problem is.

Bridge between Colombia and Venezuela already blocked

Rather was the bridge between Colombia and Venezuela in Cucuta with trucks blocked to prevent relief supplies in Venezuela would achieve.

Wednesday will Venezuela 300 metric tons of relief supplies from Russia. According to Maduro is going to learn very expensive drugs”. Venezuela, Russia would pay for the help.


Maduro blocks border of Venezuela and Colombia with containers

Millions of Venezuelans have had to flee the country

Venezuela has been a long time in a crisis. Millions of Venezuelans are in the country already fled. According to the Red Cross, the refugees in “very difficult circumstances”. “People live constantly in fear and uncertainty. They themselves have to figure out how they shelter, food or drugs,” says a spokesman for the Red Cross. Maduro refuses a humanitarian crisis to speak.

According to the organisation, it is unclear how many Venezuelans there are in the Antilles stay. In October, an estimated UN OCHA, the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs of the United Nations, that at that moment some sixteen thousand Venezuelans in Aruba were. On Curaçao, there were around 26,000.

On Bonaire it goes according to the Red Cross now to hundreds, and “may also have dozens of unregistered Venezuelans”. Every day there will still be people from the country to the ABC-islands.

The refugees live according to the aid organization often “under the radar” and, therefore, must itself meet their basic needs. “Exploitation and human trafficking, including forced prostitution, forms this a big risk,” according to the Red Cross.

Account number by Red Cross opened

The Red Cross last week Giro 5125 open to raise money for Venezuela. There is more than 100,000 euro donated, but the Red Cross has a lot more money is needed to have good help to offer.

The netherlands proposed last year, 600,000 euro available for assistance to the South American country. Last week it was announced that 1 million euros is added.

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