Vanderlyde states that outcome megagevecht depends on ‘hunger’ Mayweather

Vanderlyde states that outcome megagevecht depends on ‘hunger’ Mayweather

Conor McGregor stole in the run-up to his megagevecht with Floyd Mayweather often the show, but former boxer Arnold Vanderlyde emphasized that the shape and condition of Mayweather the deciding factor in the fisticuffs in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

“What’s going to happen in the fight is Mayweather,” said the 54-year-old Vanderlyde, in 1984, 1988 and 1992 olympic bronze won in the heavyweight, in interview with NUsport.

“He has in september 2015 for the last fight; he is physically and mentally able to muster up a time to fully prepare for? He wants to once again do very well?”

“He has always been a counterpuncher, he was the master in the hinder of his opponent. If he also McGregor-don’t get hit, it is Mayweather is the favorite and he is going to win.”


Last staredown McGregor and Mayweather for ‘fight of the century’


Mayweather (40) since the announcement of his fight in Las Vegas with MMA fighter McGregor (29) the big favorite, but the American the experienced boxer is and has never lost in his long career (49 victories, 0 defeats).

‘Money’ is in the week of the fight is still the favourite with the bookmakers, but McGregor is the past half year, more and more opportunities for the crosses. The main reason for this is that Mayweather eleven years older than his opponent and his last fight Saturday 714 days ago.

“It is a special fight, one of the largest of recent years,” says Vanderlyde. “But it’s unpredictable what’s going to happen, because two riders from two different disciplines against each other.”

The Limburger do understand that Mayweather are bokspensioen even has been postponed after a challenge from McGregor, and not only because the boxer from Michigan are sometimes more than 200 million euros can earn.

“Once a fighter, always a fighter, that feeling always remains,” says Vanderlyde. “I’m 54, but still miss the adrenaline that accompanies a fight. Mayweather already has tons of money and from what I understand its money well invested. I think his ego and his sense to make sure that he returned the ring to get.”


Highlights from the verbal violence between Mayweather and McGregor


The last time that Mayweather was involved in a megagevecht was in may of 2015, when he was in Las Vegas clearly was too strong for the Filipijn Manny Pacquiao. That party also resulted in the hundreds of millions, but was afterwards heavily criticized because it is a little sparkling fight.

Many bokskenners ask themselves in the run-up to Mayweather-McGregor or this fight will be for the future of the sport.

“By all around it is this fight already better than Mayweather-Pacquiao”, refers Vanderlyde on the long and very noisy tour of Mayweather and McGregor in the run up to the party. “The adrenalineniveau of both fighters will be bigger, the circus surrounding it certainly plays a role.”

“There is of course a very management to this fight. There must be pay-tv subscriptions and tickets are sold. I can imagine that against Mayweather, and McGregor said: “There is a very large fair for you all, you need this show to the fight to promote’.”

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“If boksliefhebber, I try to focus on the fight, not on the commercialism and marketing that is involved,” continues Vanderlyde. “The battle is the last months, considerably bloated, but I try all way to filter. The sporting aspect I find interesting. It comes to sportintelligentie, perseverance. I find that fascinating.”

Vanderlyde, the struggle is certainly not to be missed. “I’m on a training weekend, but we are going to definitely z’n all to 06.00 pm for”, says the former boxer. “And then we are going to train themselves.”


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