Van der Steur is called capping politiewebsites difficult

Van der Steur is called capping politiewebsites difficult

Minister of Security and Justice, Ard van der Steur think that it will be difficult to find all domain names on the internet ever made by the police are used to hedge.

That’s what he said Friday in reaction to the news that politiegeheimen on the streets to lie as the police, the registration of old websites had expired.

A hacker with good intentions also recorded a number of these website names and received in this way e-mails to those domains that were sent. He got under more arrest warrants, and the security plan of the christmas market in Dordrecht under the eyes. The hacker carried the information about the radio station BNR, which on Thursday about reported.

Van der Steur reiterated that the issue is already longer known. “This was already in 2015. When his 3500 domain names on the police register. But it is clear that it has not yet been resolved,” said the minister.

But if it is possible for each domain that ever is used from foreign hands to hold says Van der Steur. “I think it’s quite hard to obtain all domain names that have ever been used by the national police, and the 26 police forces that all came to cover.” The minister is in any case glad that there are people who have this type of business to denounce, “or who are well ethical hacker call or not.”

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