Van der Poel in tears after ‘biggest disappointment’ of career


Van der Poel in tears after ‘biggest disappointment’ of career

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Mathieu van der Poel was in tears after he was there Sunday, not had managed the world championship cyclo-cross to conquer. Wout van Aert troefde the top favourite in the Luxembourg Bieles.

The 22-year-old Dutchman rode four times leak and eventually had to settle for silver. “This is the biggest disappointment since I started cycling,” says Van der Poel. “It is very painful when you lose by bad luck.”

Van der Poel grabbed directly after the start, a lead of one second or fifteen, but then he was dealing with flat tires. Three times he had to bike exchange, which Aert was able to come back.

“Until my third puncture, I already have all the confidence that I could win, but then I got another one. That last was a long end of the materiaalpost, so that’s when I knew that it was ready.”

“I think I made everything right have during my race. After my third flat tire, I was on the wheel of van Aert, and I still had the feeling that I was the strongest, but when I had to for the fourth time to switch. That was really terrible.”

Van der Poel walks his title wrong

Mathieu van der Poel could by a flat tire to keep up with Wout van Aert.
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Van Aert win his world title.
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It looked a long time for Van der Poel.
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Van Aert closed, and could later move away.
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Lars van der haar finished just off the podium.
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The complete stage, with Kevin Pauwels as number three.
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Rear tyre

Van der Poel saw Of Aert by his last flat tire twenty seconds of him pulling away, while still less than two laps to go. That hole knew the Brabander is not more to close.

“I don’t think that, mentally, I am collapsed. I am pace to keep driving so that I could connect as Wout bad luck would get it, though I knew in my head already that the silver would be. Wout had twenty seconds, and in addition, had the me a lot of power to produce a half lap on a flat tire to drive.”

Van Aert was during the cross of a little more than an hour but with one flat tire. The 22-year-old Fleming decided Sunday, after the reconnaissance of the course on the advice of his team leader Niels Albert to be on green tapes from 1997 to launch.

“I got them two years ago at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tabor for the first time, and the surface here in Bieles was now almost the same as when,” said Van Aert on his tyres. “I tried during the exploration also normal tyres, but I had the feeling that that a greater risk would be to leak to drive.”


Van der Poel was after, not that it is also for other material had to choose. “I drive the whole year on these tires. I hold myself to my own plan and do not look to what others do.”

“At the world cup in Namur in december, there was just like here also a trail with many stones, and then I drove not a single time leak”, continued the Dutch champion.

“This was just bad luck. I have special something harder tires ridden than usual, but you also have grip needed in the rest of the round. You have to make choices.”

Van der Poel has one world title to his name, from 2015. Last year, he finished fifth. Van Aert won then also and win in Luxembourg, thus his title.

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