Van de Sanden: “The pleasure was all just the way it is now and again back

Shanice van de Sanden has the pleasure of playing football back after a lesser period of time. The attacker was a Friday with a goal and four assists from the giant triumph of the Oranjevrouwen against Turkey (0-8) in the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier.

“The pleasure was gone, now back again. I’ve just started to work with a mental coach is, and do things to make myself put down on paper. What exactly is a has been, need not be fully revealed to be,” she said to Veronica.

“The most important thing is that I am refreshed, and am there ready for you. I just want to be myself again see that in the t-shirt from the Orange, and I think that today it is not successful. Now I need to get the line to hold on to it.”

Van de Sanden acknowledged recently that they had a difficult time with criticism, which she did at the last world cup in France. She was in the Netherlands for a successful tournament, the final of which was reached after a number of mediocre matches, its starting to lose.

“I think the media have it in my head to go to this world cup. I had to go to work in the direction of the next tournament,” she said honestly, after they lost in the final against the defending champions, the United States of america (0-2).

Position in group A euro cup qualification

  • 1. The netherlands: 5 to 15 (24-2)
  • 2. Slovenia: 4 to 6 (13-6)
  • 3. Russia: 3 to 6 (5 to 2)
  • 4. Kosovo: 3 to 6 (4 to 6)
  • 5. Estonia 4-1 (1-13)
  • 6. Turkey: 5 to 1 (1-19)

“The touch of a button after it missed an opportunity to’

The Sanden was her goal on Friday against Turkey, is a good example of this is the development which, in its main features in recent years. They missed a huge opportunity, but it took a couple of minutes later, on a cold-blooded manner and for the 0 to 1.

“With the touch of a button after it missed an opportunity to. I’m not the first to see it. I have to be in that kind of situation, just stay calm. If it is early in the game, there is always another chance,” she said.

The Sanden was her goal and the assist for the 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, and 0-6, and had a great share in the victory that the Netherlands is a step closer to the CHAMPIONSHIP by 2021 in England.

“My teammates have for me to be counted, it was indeed four,” said she. “I’m so glad that I am back again, but the goal and the assists. That happens to me each and every day. This gives you a good feeling.”

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