Van de Sanden: “Everyone in Orange has a smile on the face’

Shanice van de Sanden is Monday, with confidence, started the preparation for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in France. The winger of Olympique Lyon noticed on her first day that the atmosphere is excellent at the Oranjevrouwen.

“It’s nice to all the girls to see again,” says Van de Sanden, who, together with Lieke Martens last joined the training camp of Orange on the KNVB campus in sacramento. “I’m glad to be back, everyone has a smile on the face.”

The past week was enjoying the Sanden still a holiday, because they are with Lyon a long season had the Champions League final. In that final battle in Budapest was in Lyon last week was Saturday with 4-1 too strong for the Barcelona of Martens.

“I saw Her Monday for the first time since the finale. We’ve just hugged and said that we are happy to be together again in the team,” says Van de Sanden, who with two assists an important role played in Budapest.

“That match gave me a lot of confidence. That delicious feeling I bring and that I want to show on the field.”

The Sanden after a win in the Champions League final. (Photo: VI Images)

“This is the best world CHAMPIONSHIPS in years’

The Sanden realizes that much is expected of her and of Orange, after two years ago unsurprisingly the European title was conquered in their own country. But that pressure will do her good.

“I’m still the same ‘Jane’. The more eyes on me, the more energy I get. And if we each other keep, and stay positive, we can each other to a higher level. I hope on a very nice summer.”

Still want the Sanden Orange not to be considered as one of the favourites. “Internationally, all players so hard grown, there are very many countries that a world champion can be. I therefore think that this is the best world cup since years and we need to be in the Netherlands to enjoy it.”

The Sanden Monday prior to the training of Orange. (Photo: VI-Images)

World cup begins on June 7

Van de Sanden and Orange training a week in the Netherlands and play Saturday in the Philips Stadium, is the ‘uitzwaaiwedstrijd’ against Australia.

The world cup begins on 7 June with the opening match at the Parc des Princes in Paris between France and South Korea. The first duel of Orange is on 11 June in Le Havre and then New Zealand opponent in group E.

The netherlands is in a group with Cameroon and Canada. The numbers one and two and the four best numbers three of the six pools will advance to the eighth finals.

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