Van de Sanden and Lyon humiliate Martens and Barcelona (closed)

FC Barcelona and Olympique Lyon were Saturday night face each other in the Champions League final for women. Lyon won 4-1. Read everything back in our liveblog.

  • Lyon-Barcelona 4-1
  • Kick-off: 18.00
  • Martens and Van de Sanden in basis

31 minutes agoShanice van de Sanden and Olympique Lyon with the Champions League for hour geledenShanice of the Sanden with two assists for an important share in the victory of Olympique Lyon in the final.

5 – Shanice van de Sanden (@OLfeminin) provided five assists in the last two Women’s Champions League finals, no other player gift more than one. Queen.

AvatarAuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen19:49 – 18 may 2019één hours agoPast!

Ada Hegeberg leads Olympique Lyon with a hattrick to win the Champions League. Thanks to the three goals of the Wereldvoetbalster of the Year, Lyon wins in Budapest with 4-1 to FC Barcelona. Shanice van de Sanden delivers the assist on the first two goals, while Lieke Martens the pass for the eretreffer of Barcelona. Lyon win the cup already for the fourth year in a hour geleden89′ GOAL Barcelona! 4-1

There is still the eretreffer for Barcelona. Oshoala finish after a good through ball from Martens, her moderate match still with an assist hour geleden86′ Van der Gragt shows that Hegerberg today definitely is to stop. They put the Norwegian with her shoulder on the hour geleden81′ Van der Gragt will still speelminuten in this finale. The defender replaces hour geleden79′ Le Sommer fails to number five in it to shoot. They encounter two times in a row on Pañ hour ago,Another quarter of an hour to play in Budapest. Lyon gets the (high) level of the first half after, but Barcelona is doing too little to claim a eretreffer. The team makes a powerless hour geleden74 ” no 4-1. The lobe of captain Losada lands on the roof of the hour geleden71′ Majri provides almost for the 5-0. The header of the full-go, but just next to it.2 hours geleden68′ There ensures Martens almost for the eretreffer. The attempt of the left goes from there just next. She had to be allowed to participate.2 hours geleden67′ The just sunken Cascarino tries from distance, but keepster Paños has no meaning in a fifth still in strong position.2 hours agoThe fight between the two best Dutch vleugelspitsen shows tonight, one-sided.2 hours geleden63′ The night of the Sanden sits on it. She is replaced by Cascarino.2 hours geleden60′ Lyon from a corner kick, a chance for the 5-0, but Mbock Bathy gets her foot presses against the ball.2 hours geleden53′ Le Sommer tries from distance after a hakballetje of Marozsan. The effort flies over the goal.2 hours geleden52′ Martens thinks only on the goal, but the Dutch state is offside. Still no chance on a eretreffer for Barça.2 hours geleden46′ The second half is on the way. The question is whether Lyon there are still a few to sting.2 hours agoIt is certainly not the final of Lieke Martens. The Dutch is invisible and has especially struggled to her direct opponent Bronze in check.2 hours geleden45′ Phew, it’s almost 4-1. The header of Putellas is hard, but it goes on. We are going 4-0 the rest in.2 hours geleden44′ Barcelona get a corner kick. The team can still have a good feeling about the rest?2 hours geleden42′ Of the Sanden breaks again. Now she knows no team-mate to find.2 hours geleden39′ The pace is what failed and that, in particular, will Barcelona do well. In this way, the outcome namely very high failure.2 hours geleden30′ GOAL Lyon! 4-0

Number three for Hegerberg, who is once again close to tap tap. The Sanden acts on the cross of Bronze as a lightning rod, after which the Norwegian her hattrick complete.2 hours agoThe final was one-sided. Lyon is by far the better team, so it is actually especially waiting on the fourth hit of the French formation.2 hours geleden26′ The attempt ends up in the wall.2 hours geleden25′ Can Barcelona what give back? The team gets a free kick in a great spot. Renard gets yellow.3 hours agoBarcelona will be completely overrun by a deadly Lyon. Since the partition of Duggan, the Catalan vanguard, including Martens, nothing more to know, ready to play.3 hours geleden19′ GOAL Lyon! 3-0

Hegerberg with her second of the evening. Now none Of the Sanden with the assist, but Majri. Hegerberg pops the ball in from the French in one hit.3 hours geleden16′ Hegerberg already on the receipt. The Norwegian wereldvoetbalster of the year spuds Pilar down.3 hours ago,Also last year was the Sanden in the Champions League final ‘on fire’. They had raids, but provided with three assists in overtime for a 4-1 victory at Wolfsburg.3 hours geleden14′ GOAL Lyon! 2-0.

The result Is already decided? Back Of the Sanden road on the right and again keep the Orange-international overview. Now, she says Hegerberg able to score.3 hours geledenBekijk here the hit of Marozsan and the assist of the Sanden.

Goal! Lyon early lead in the Champions League final! 🙌 @ShaniceJanice with the assist 💪 #UWCLFinal #ZiggoSport

AvatarAuteurZiggo Sport VoetbalMoment of plaatsen18:11 – 18 may 20193 hours geleden11′ Re almost Of the Sanden! She tries to headers after a cross from Hegerberg, but just not at the ball.3 hours geleden10′ Barcelona, despite the chance for Duggan not to pass. Lyon put early pressure, which makes the Spanish team the ball quickly lost.3 hours geleden8′ There it is almost immediately 2-0. Lyon gets the ball twice in. The Sanden can try it with a header, but the attempt is for off the line.3 hours geleden5′ GOAL Lyon! 1-0

The Sanden is on the right side deep sent and reached Marozsan, that the ball just has to tap. What a start for Lyon, that the speed Of the Sanden is excellent.3 hours geleden4′ The first big chance for Barcelona. Duggan shoots in front of.3 hours geleden1′ Martens is located directly on the ground. The Dutch collides with an opponent, but can just continue.3 hours geleden1′ The ball is rolling. The Champions League final in Budapest is on the way!3 hours agoLast year was the profit to Olympique Lyon in the final VfL Wolfsburg with 4-1 the boss was. The French team hopes the cup for the sixth time to win. For FC Barcelona to reach the finals is already a unique.3 hours geledenNog about ten minutes to kick-off in Budapest, where the supporters of FC Barcelona already ready for it.

🔊 [SOUND ON] Our fans are ready!!🔵🔴
Sum-hiiiiiiii!!!!! 🙌

AvatarAuteurFC Barcelona FemeníMoment of plaatsen17:25 – may 18 20194 hours geledenBij Olympique Lyon does Shanice van de Sanden from the kick-off.

La composition de notre équipe pour cette finale #OLFCB : Bouhaddi, Bronze, Renard, Mbock, Majri, Henry, Fishlock, van de Sanden, Marozsán, Le Sommer, Hegerberg. 🔴🔵 #UWCLFinal

AvatarAuteurOL FémininMoment of plaatsen16:44 – 18 may 20194 hours geledenOver more than a hour in Budapest the Champions League women’s final between FC Barcelona and Olympique Lyon will start. With the Catalans is Lieke Martens in the base, and starts Stefanie van der Gragt in the bank.

👥 11 @FCBfemeni OFICIAL #UWCLFinal

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