Van Bommel wants to be Afellay’s no pressure to wedstrijdfit to be

PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel wants Ibrahim Afellay is no pressure to impose the wedstrijdfit to be. Those that are most frequently due to injuries-plagued midfielder, signed on Tuesday a contract for two years with his former club.

“We need to give him time, you’ll have to put any pressure on it,” said Van Bommel on Tuesday, after the first training session of the PSV. “It’s not like The color, but it should be trainingsfit, that’s something else.”

“After that, he needs games to play. He is not yet ready for this. But this is also true for the boys today at the training ground stood, can I have a match to play.”

Afellay was missing on Tuesday at the training ground to the pitch, but it is expected for Wednesday’s match. The 53-times, international, of Orange, was played in december 2017, to be his last game for Stoke City.

Since his departure from 8.5 years ago to go abroad, it was Afellay is frequently plagued by injuries. ly as a result, his exploits for FC Barcelona, Schalke 04, Olympiakos Piraeus, and the Stoke is not a great success.

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Not to make the public happy and keep the

Afellay is just the first zomeraanwinst for the PLAYER, despite the impending departures of various basisspelers have to be very quiet in the transfer market. Van Bommel is disputing that, its use has picked up to the fans to keep up.

“It would be weird if I was in the audience for a player to provide, if it doesn’t work. The has, indeed, long, long, long league has been. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play football.”

As of march worked out Afellay with a physical therapist in the youth teams of PSV eindhoven on his recovery. “I just wanted to give him a chance to recover,” said Van Bommel. “He is a child of the club, which, for me, has been approached as he steps on the field, it had to go. We have a friendly staff available to him, which is likely to give up.”

“That’s what you do to a player who has played here has it, and that setback has been. The is a professional. He did very well for themselves in the training.”

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‘Afellay might also be in the dressing room, and of the value of his

Van Bommel has played for in the season of 2004/2005 together with a angled drive on the middle of the pitch and in attack, they were a team-mate. “He was still quite young, and it was here, in the old-fashioned way-raised by Phillip Cocu, André Ooijer, Wilfred Bouma, Johann Vogel, Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink and me,” commented Van Bommel, back in that period of time.

“If I, as a young boy, when it came, you had to immediately jump to the level. I didn’t, then it was you right off.”

With his 33 years of life, it is Afellay and now the oldest player in the PSV selection. “He is one of a number of years in his development as a human being,” said Van Bommel. “It is such as The than it was back then. I think he’s on the field, can be of value, but also in the locker room.”

“But it’s not as though we see him only in the dressing room, and made it through,” stated the coach. “He could be anywhere in the midfield, and play.”

Wednesday afternoon at 12: 00 pm decision for the lucky draw to find out who its first opponent of the season in the second qualifying round of the uefa Champions League. The first game will be on the 23rd or 24th of July, will be played.

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