Van Barneveld: “This is the most horrible year of my life’

Raymond van Barneveld will experience yet is no fun to be afscheidsjaar as a professional darter. The 52-year-old Hagenaar doubt even whether he manages to in his last months at the highest level, the negative spiral.

“This is the most horrible years of my life. I want to really don’t have a time to experience and thank god do not have to,” he said Friday kuchend by the flu after his 6-2 victory at Pal Szekely in the first round of the Dutch Darts Masters in Zwolle.

Van Barneveld announced in november his retirement is known, and since then, fall the results largely against. He was immediately turned off in the world CHAMPIONSHIP and the UK Open and were relegated with only one win in the Premier League.

“I take no pleasure to every time, but pushing and pulling my arrows and hope for the best. I throw on the ingooibord 180’ers and throw everything out, but on stage is a totally different story,” he notes.

“Then I seriously question how I the tide must turn. Sometimes I know it just no longer. Tonight. I do know that I am sick, but god, I save myself by the high finishes. Tomorrow against Smith, and then Van Gerwen is also a draw of the turn.”

Raymond van Barneveld is in action in Zwolle. (Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC)

‘The world cup I’ll go get’

Van Barneveld is with regard to placement for the world cup. He is currently still just in the top 32 of the Order of Merit, thanks to his final at Players Championship 8 largely in the top 32 of the Pro Tour Order of Merit.

“The world CHAMPIONSHIP I’ll go, but I need to go there peaks and if that fails, then it all will have been for nothing. I try to do everything to be on the tops of my ability to perform, but sometimes I feel like I am just padding.”

Van Barneveld goes even after 25 years of marriage to divorce his wife and kwakkelt with his health. He got Friday morning was a phone call from his doctor with the message that there’s sugar in his eye and that he needs to contact the ophthalmologist.

“That explains on the one hand very much, because I blurred see. It is my tool. As a carpenter his saw needs, I have my hand and eyes need. If it is not one hundred percent, and then you have a problem. Simple was.”

“I would like to be successful’

Van Barneveld set up a month ago after the disastrous expired Premier League immediately a point behind his career, but he came a day later, again on the back, because he had acted out of emotion.

“I would like to be successful, but with a bit of bad luck, I go all the majors miss. Then I only have what vloertoernooitjes in Wigan and Barnsley. Come on, that is why I do not. I want to join the winning of tournaments and cups to hold them up.”

Van Barneveld won in 2014 with the overall victory in the Premier League for the last time on an individual basis, a major. He was, in the past five times world champion, that he is the best Dutch rider in the history of the global final tournament.

“But everything in the past has happened, is now no longer so important. There are much better players as I do. Taylor, Van Gerwen… Who am I? It comes to now. If not I will not a good WK to play, then I will my whole life embittered continue. I know that already.”

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