Valve stops this spring with Steam Greenlight

Valve stops this spring with Steam Greenlight

Photo: Valve

Platformhouder Valve stops this spring with Steam Greenlight. That is a service that allows gamers can vote on products, which may later be offered for sale on the digital distribution platform Steam.

The company will have a new system going to offer the products directly in the digital store of the pc-platform. This new system is called Valve Steam Directly. This makes the platformhouder Friday night itself known on the blog of the company.

With this step, wants, Valve is the barrier between game developers and players remove. In the current Greenlight system is so that developers update their products considerably attention should before they be admitted to the platform. This made for developers who do not exactly knew where they were.

It is difficult to predict

When a developer’s game is added to Greenlight, then it is impossible to predict in advance when the game is added. Also asked a lot of developers are wondering whether they have the intended launch date would get and when they are the press to approach you for the necessary attention.

In addition, so that Steam in the last years has become a huge platform, what is the Valve hard to make all the content.

In the past few months, Valve has also commented on the amount of games that are of low quality or simply direct copies were made of the other titles. The company wants this kind of practice avoid the registration fee increase.

Pay per game

Now it is still so that the Steam 100 dollar charge to developers and publishers for a spot on Steam Greenlight. Then the creators are so many games releasing when they want. With Steam will Instantly have that amount significantly higher, but how high that amount is not yet known. This may be somewhere between the 200 and 5000 dollars.

In addition, developers and publishers on a game by game or app have to pay. The new amount is therefore not regarded as a one-time registration fee. With these rules would Valve rogue developers to scare off games that are copied or does not meet other rules of the platform requirements.

If there is still content to be released that are on the boundary of the rules, or get over, then it will be Valve work.

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