Valve change reviewsysteem Steam to prevent fraud

Valve change reviewsysteem Steam to prevent fraud

Photo: Valve

Valve adjusts the rating system of the online gamewinkel Steam, to prevent that developers ensure that their own game has a lot of positive reviews.

People who have a game activated with a Steam code, not a digit more leave for that game. For people who have a game on Steam themselves have bought nothing changes.

Developers or publishers can have their game distributed by Steam codes, with the assignment of a high score to give to the product. That can’t be more, can all users of the codes still a tekstrecensie leave.

According to Valve, it came regularly for developers large amounts of positive scores, divided for an inheritance at their own game. There should be at least 160 games are that a much larger percentage of positive reviews from people who like those games with a code, activated.

Valve applies the new rule to all the reviews that are already on Steam are published. According to the company therefore changes the average gebruikerscijfer of about 14 percent of the games on Steam.

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