Valerio Zeno is not looking for a relationship

Valerio Zeno is not looking for a relationship

Valerio Zeno will not miss a girlfriend in his life. “Now I can live as I want without someone having to worry and think that I still have way too much fun.”

The 32-year-old BNN/VARA-presenter, explains in an interview with FHM that he admits sometimes jealous of friends who already have children. “Then I think: I wanna do that one day. But not yet now.”

Zeno says have no experience with a serious relationship. “A relationship is new territory for me. I am someone with a manual. I am convinced that I am the one will be that hard on himself, not another.”

Dutch women find Zeno very nice. “I’m regularly abroad and there is often a bit disappointing. In Italy you must be a girl eight times eating take before you can even think of a kiss.”

“Our women are a lot bolder. I find that fun. They will not wait, but go right to their purpose”, concludes Zeno.


The bachelor presenter let us know that he is regularly approached by the other gender. “When I was young I found often for months like someone without I action took.”

“Since I have been on tv yet I have the luxury that women have a faster chat with me. I do not come from an egg, and snap it with status”, said the presenter.

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