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Valentine’s day Source: Fox News spoke with an expert Who will Lewis, who is involved with the charity throughout the year in order to learn more about the heart-break. Lewis is the co-founder of the company, is a club tailor-made service, is located in New York, California, and went on to explain the theories surrounding Valentine’s day are murky, the stories behind them, are helping to contribute to the February 14 holiday, which we celebrate today.

Whether you’re coupled, single, celebrating Galentine’s Day or eulogizing the end of “cuffing” season when Valentine’s day hits on February 14th, you’re bound to be forced to think about such a state.

Fox News spoke with an expert who is engaged with love the whole year through in order to find out more about the holiday. Nikki Lewis is the co-founder of the company, is a club tailor-made service, is located in New York, and California, and they explained to me that the theories surrounding Valentine’s day are murky, the stories behind them, have helped to contribute to the holiday we are celebrating (begrudgingly or not).

“My favorite story is set around Valentine’s day, who lived in 270 A. D., under the reign of the Emperor Claudius II,” Lewis said. “Claudius decided to outlaw marriage because he wanted his soldiers to be ready for the fight, and was not worried about returning home to his wife and children. This is where the romantic, Valentine’s day came and began to perform marriages in private, for the young lovers.”


Lewis explained that when Emperor Claudius II found out quickly about the Pc. Valentine’s secret marriage ceremonies, and sent him to prison to be executed. For Valentine’s day, it is carried out, however, said Lewis, Valentine’s day and fell in love with the prison guard’s daughter, who would visit him in his cell.

Nikki Lewis, one of the matchmakers behind the BAND, has done her research into the history of Valentine’s day.

From his prison cell, St. Valentine’s day is actually ended up writing the first “Valentine” as we have come to know it, and signed it, “From your Valentine,” which is a term that we still use every day, ” said Lewis.

Lewis will also be shared with Fox News the story of the pagan feast of Lupercalia. She explained to me that the Lupercalia was celebrated in Rome from February 13 to 15 to turn away evil and to celebrate the fertility rate.

“Roman catholic priests have shown early signs of us, in fact, at this year’s festival, and that they would draw women’s names at random out of an urn, and pair them with a men in attendance,” Lewis said. “And this is the wild, drunken party, they would have to couple them and to tell them in order to copulate, and sometimes in a marriage there should be a by-product of this is a noisy, drunken party.”

Lewis pointed out that the 14th-century poet Geoffrey Chaucer and also helped with the lay-out of the current idea of Valentine’s day in his poem “The Parliament of Birds.”

“He was talking about the “link” on the Pc. Valentine’s Day is a romantic idea, and, therefore, he is the kind of romanticized a bit apprehensive about the pagan holiday that just recently was Christianized to celebrate the day of love,” Lewis said.


The professional matchmaker explains that in the 1800s, people wrote to their loved ones, handwritten notes, and small gifts. She added that, with the advancement in technology, printed Valentine’s cards began to catch on, too.

“There are 145 million valentine’s day cards sent in the U.S. each year, making it the second largest card-giving holiday after Christmas, which is mind-blowing when you think of all the money spent, the millions and millions of dollars spent on Valentine’s day,” said Lewis.


So, what the hell was Lewis, and it is the biggest piece of advice for Valentine’s day?

“Act like every day is Valentine’s day with your significant other. You don’t need to have a holiday to do something special for him or her.”


For more Valentine’s Day advice from Fox News asked the experts in the industry, including the Franco Sampogna, co-owner and executive chef at the contemporary French restaurant, FREVO; Vincent Pilato, the Skull & Bones, a designer of underwear, the company’s founder; and David Winston, the co-owner of Winston Flowers, and Bollinger Champagne (Cyril Delarue & Charles-Armand de Benelet.

Fox News: What does it mean for you to pull off the perfect Valentine’s day dinner.

Franco Sampogna: in The menu, one by one. We want to make sure that every customer leaves with a pleasant reminder of this special day. Everyone has a slightly different take on the Valentine’s day dinner, so it is important to recognize that, and manages to have a special dining experience for both of them. Another important thing to consider when planning the menu, the perfect wine pairing with the food, and luckily, Frevo, we have our talented sommelier, Quentin Vauleon, in order to give you advice. And finally, it is the ambience That provides the perfect amount of lighting for our guests, and the music at the right volume.

Fox News: What has been the key to buying lingerie for a significant other?

Vincent Pilato: When buying lingerie for your significant other, keep in mind what they are, in general, to carry on a day to day basis. You can specify a style for a special occasion,” which may be different from their day to day arsenal, but you should be aware of the construction, the feel of the fabric and the lining. If you make a gift of a garment, that have a premium feel, and it will likely be worn for more than special occasions.

Fox News: “What is the most common mistake that people make when it comes to flowers.

David Winston: You can never go wrong with a dozen red roses in a classic vase, or the box, but I think a lot of people are looking forward to more unexpected varieties for Valentine’s day. Flowers, such as orchids, calla lilies, and sweet pea, not so traditional, but they are just as good. We would be pleased to make appointments for this type of unique, special, flowers, and, taking the roses as part of the design, and the result feels fresh and contemporary, yet still gives a nod to tradition.


Fox News: For novice drinkers who will never really have to buy the champagne, what is your biggest piece of advice?

Cyril Delarue & Charles-Armand de Benelet: Instead of feeling intimidated, take a look at the wine shop of your own selling staff members for suggestions. To ask for something that you enjoy, something that is rich and complex and will appeal to your Valentine’s day… and Look for bottles with a vintage date, is for someone very special such as the Bollinger La Grande Année 2008, prior to the presentation of the best expressions of the year and a producer. One last piece of advice is to look for Extra Brut or Brut champagne, as they are drier and more crisp in style, with less residual sugar added to it. With Valentine’s day, it’s better to just enjoy the sugar into the chocolate instead of Champagne!

Fox News: What are the three of the simplest dishes you can imagine to have in the house, in order to make an impression on a date?

Sampogna: As a Chef, it’s easy to recommend a lot of different options. However, I do think that the cooking of a risotto, it would be at the top of my to-do list. It’s very versatile, quick to cook and very tasty. You are able to adjust to your partner’s preferences, mushroom risotto, vegetable risotto, and if you really want to make a lasting impression on him or her, and the black truffle risotto. Black truffles are in season from January until the end of February, so even though the end is fast approaching, there is certainly still time for it to be included in your dish. The preparation time required is also quite fast: the requirement is for about 20 to 30 minutes, and you can also find in advance to prepare in advance, cook the rice for 15 minutes. In this way, you can spend quality time with your significant other without spending the whole night in the kitchen. All in all, I would have to say that it is the perfect dish for an evening out, a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day.


Fox News: What is your biggest piece of advice is to purchase skivvies?

Pilato: It’s Valentine’s day. Choose the underwear that is festive, in keeping with the holiday. The red and Pink in terms of color, and to get closure, something sexy.

Fox News: How did the giving of flowers has changed over the last couple of years?

A: many Years ago, they were the only red roses, but every year our collection will be bigger and more diverse, in response to the changing needs of the customer. People are now leaning in the direction of a completely new design, with the unique types of flowers, interesting textures, and new silhouettes. We have, however, noticed that the spectrum of people who received gifts on Valentine’s day has expanded. No longer are gifts only for the partners but also mothers, children, and men.

Fox News: do you have any fun facts about Champagne when it comes to love and Valentine’s day?

Delarue and Benelet: Not only a perfect gourmet experience, as it is believed that certain foods, such as raw oysters and Champagne, it may be the fuel of the passion as an aphrodisiac. We have also heard a few people say that the aroma of dry Champagne, you can replicate the delicate aromas of female pheromones. Coco Chanel said it best: “I drink Champagne on two occasions, when I’m in love, and when I do it.” And, although it is not specifically for Valentine’s day, don’t you know that Marilyn Monroe famously took a bath in Champagne, france. More than 350 bottles are needed to fill the tub, but we do not recommend to re-create the experience with the Bollinger Champagne!

Check out the full interview with the Band, co-founder, Nikki Lewis, above, for more information about the history of Valentine’s day.


Emily DeCiccio, is a writer and video producer of Fox News Digital Print. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio

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