Vaccine against ebola appears ‘very effective’

Vaccine against ebola appears ‘very effective’

Photo: AFP

An experimental vaccine against ebola seems to be “very effective”. Of 5.837 people that the vaccine administered had in 2015 in the West African country of Guinea, no one is infected with the deadly virus.

It is also the first vaccine that prevents people from being infected with the virus. Between 2013 and 2016 died more than 11.300 people in West Africa to the consequences of ebola.

After multiple tests, it turns out that the rVSV-EBOV vaccine works very well. The test results from Genee are published Thursday in The Lancet.

“When there’s an ebola epidemic breaks out, we will not be defenceless,” says Marie-Paule Kieny of the world health organization (WHO).


The vaccine is not yet approved by a regulatory body, but the vaccine appears to be so effective that an emergency supply of 300,000 doses was constructed, which can be used as a new outbreak peril.

The vaccine was during the epidemic developed and used for the first time in Guinea in 2015. This was no medicine available. The disease was mainly contested by the medical teams in protective suits that the sick isolated from the non-sick to a further outbreak of the virus to prevent.

In march 2016, said the WHO that ebola risk no longer represented the world’s population.

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