Utopia at least until summer 2017 on television

Utopia at least until summer 2017 on television

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Utopia will in each case until the summer of 2017. According to creator John de Mol, there is still enough space to continue. “The law of commercial television is now generally known: as long as the viewer wants to see it continues to SBS broadcasting and we make it.”

The reality tv series, celebrates Monday are thousandth of a day and is the longest-running realityprogramma on Dutch television. Yet every day there are half a million people to the inhabitants which their own society to build up within the walls of Utopia.

“The results, the figures and the market shares are still such a margin that SBS says: we would not say goodbye,” said The Mole in conversation with

The format will be in the coming months nothing will change. According to The Mol, Utopia is just as interesting, because the creators themselves as little as possible to interfere with the residents. “Those fifteen people decide for themselves what they do. That is sometimes difficult. Sometimes you have days that you think: ‘now I will go to the door and I give them a kick up the ass’. But so far, there are thankfully, always people who are fifteen who themselves stand up, because they themselves also notice that it’s there again what needs to be done.”

A thousand days

The last thousand days, according to the program staff enough happened on the ground to be happy about. “If you like the picture of a thousand days ago puts you make a picture and who put you there, then I think that people think: wow, here is really what happened. But they also have a thousand days before.”

The success in the Netherlands was, as is more often in programmes of The Ldcs, for the interest from abroad. The format was sold to China and Turkey, where the program is successful, but also to America and Germany, where it was decided to stop Utopia.

The stop of the program in the latter countries allows for disappointment at The Mol. “Bales is still an understatement. I hate it, I am a month sick to death of. That is a shame. The only positive thing I have been able to get is that I, in retrospect, think to know why it’s successful. I think that’s important, because there you will learn of.”


“In America it is sold to one of the large networks. That transmit only between 20.00 hours and 24.00 hours. This is all on local television. Utopia is just a soap opera that actually served a half hours must be broadcast to the storylines really to be able to follow. In America, they chose one time in the week for an hour. That just doesn’t work with this kind of program, because it is not a drama series with a rounded end. That you need every day. That is the reason that the viewers is not properly picked up,” said The Mole.

“In Germany we actually have the opposite error is made. There was daily to be seen, but than a hour. That is just too long. In the Netherlands we have actually immediately exactly the right way to do this. Every day, in the evening at 19.30 hours, a half hour of Utopia.”

Look further

Despite the success of the programme in the Netherlands should, according to Mol, always continue to look to the future.

“We already have a number of ideas, waiting for the moment that Utopia would stop, we continue to work. It might even be that there are two realityprogramma’s next to each other are transmitted. As long as they are similar in feel but quite different, there should not be a copy of Utopia next or after.”

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