Use of blood test as a predictor of lung cancer

Use of blood test as a predictor of lung cancer

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Within a few years is just a tube of blood to the most common form of lung cancer to detect. According to research by VUmc in Amsterdam, with a blood test, with 91 percent certainty to be established or someone advanced lung cancer.

Cancer in an early stage, this is 81 percent, reports the hospital. This eliminates the need for patients in the future may be less annoying biopsies and CT scans to undergo for lung cancer brought to light. But before the test actually is, according to the scientists even more research.

Patients often walk years ignorant around with the disease and get usually only complaints if the lung cancer has spread and treatment is more difficult. If the cancer is in an early stage is detected and treated, the chances of survival are “significantly” higher than that of a metastatic tumor.

In the new test the researchers use of complicated computer calculations (algorithms), making cancer in the blood becoming more accurate can be determined. “The commitment of self-learning different search algorithms in the diagnosis of cancer is promising'”, say the researchers.

For the investigation was the blood of 7000 people analyzed. The results are published in the prestigious journal Cancer Cell.

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