USA refuses even people with a residence permit after decision Trump

USA refuses even people with a residence permit after decision Trump

The re-entry ban to the United States for passengers from seven islamic countries is also true for people that have a valid Us residence permit, a so-called green card.

Reports that a spokeswoman for the U.s. national security agency on Saturday.

Earlier there were doubts that airlines when it seemed that holders of a residence permit for the united states out of the seven countries still to the united states were allowed to travel.

The travel ban, that by Trump for ninety days is set, it applies for people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

All Over the world come messages about stranded travelers and travelers in their own country, not on flights.

The KLM refused Saturday seven passengers on flights to the United States because of the travel ban of Trump. The airline emphasised no other choice by the travel ban.


Of the seven travellers, there would be five Schiphol is just as a switch use. They were already in for their flight to the Netherlands declined. The other two travelers were already at Schiphol airport and then by KLM for free teruggevlogen.

The KLM spokesperson says in the coming days for more clarity from the US about possible exceptions, or a sharpening of the rules for travellers to communicate.


It is not yet clear whether and how the passengers are compensated, says the KLM. “And we should all have a look at it. We are here only to be faced”.

The KLM has no figures ready of the number of passengers from the seven countries that already have flights booked to the US. “We expect in any case, however, that people from the seven countries, no tickets more will buy.”


Earlier in the day showed EgyptAir already know passengers not to take them by the newly established travel bans.

Five Iraqis and a man from Yemen were Saturday by EgyptAir denied for a flight from Cairo to New York.

The passengers arrived in Cairo via a transit flight, and would travel to New York, but were returned to the country where they came from. According to the sources, had the passengers have valid visas for the United States.


Immigratieadvocaten announced Saturday to a lawsuit to have the decision of Trump to turn back. They do this on behalf of two Iraqis who Friday the country is not went in New York after the decision of the American president.

The lawyers are supported by many U.s. organizations with migration and the American Civil Liberties Union, an organization that stands up for the rights of Americans.

This would Trump do in his first hundred days as president

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