USA draws in the last thousands of troops are returning from Syria

The Us president, Donald Trump Sunday, the mission of all American troops from Syria to pull back. This is as a result of the invasion of the Turkish army.

In Syria, there are currently still thousands of American troops. According to CNN, the troops will still not have an official order to retreat, but that would be all of the arrangements will be made.

The united states secretary of Defense Mark Esper is talking about a bad situation. “In the last 24 hours we have learned that they [the Turks] are likely to plan their attack further to the south, to expand what was originally planned, and to the west,” according to Esper, in a pre-recorded interview with CBS.

‘Syrian army (fsa) to the north

The free Syrian army, is now at the northern part of Syria, sent to the Turkish troops, to stop it, so as to report Syria’s state-controlled media.

In which the Syrian armies, exactly, is to be used, it is not to be disclosed.

So far as known, no Dutch people escaping from the Syrian camp

Earlier in the day, the Old authorities, that there is such a 785-foreign IS his escape from a North-eastern Syrian refugee camp. It’s going to be mostly the women and children of militants. Among them, there are no Citizens, reported to be a reliable source of

According to an officer of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is that there is not enough manpower anymore to be in the camps are to be monitored as close to the camp, fierce fighting by the Turkish and Kurdish troops.

In the nearby border town of Ayn Issa, is several days of heavy bombardment by Turkey. On Saturday, said a spokesman for the POSITION that it is monitoring, IS-soldiers and their families is not a priority any more, and now Turkey and the area has been invaded. The SDF troops will focus primarily on the defense of the border towns, and the public.

How many people are there, exactly, to be met at Ayn Issa, and a number of them-democrats, it is hard to say. Different sources mention different figures. However, it is well known that in the camp, in any case, more than a thousand people’s houses, most of them internal refugees.

Just a few of the hundreds of thousands of citizens are there because of the link with the terrorist group IS, and it is only a part of the other countries.

The proposed ‘safe harbour’, which Erdogan has in mind is a strip of land in the north-east of Syria (red on the map below, simplified representation). Image: of country life at personal level)

Turkey, that is for the “safe zone”

Turkey began earlier in the week, with bombing and invading from the north-East of the Syrian region. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants to be there, so, in his own words, a “safe haven” for millions of Syrian refugees in Turkey, after a couple of years to go back to the Syrian territories.

This, however, led by the YPG, a Kurdish branch of the SDF. Erdogan sees the YPG as an extension of the PKK, which Turkey is seen as a terrorist organization.

Because of their attacks of the Turkish troops on Sunday, the Syrian M4 in his hands, report to the Turkish ministry of Defense on Twitter. The busy stretch of road is 30 to 35 kilometres in length and runs parallel to the Turkish-Syrian border cuts through the area, that is what the History relates to the “safe zone” should be used.

As a result of the violence, meanwhile, an amount of 130,000 people have fled, according to the united nations. The organization believes that this number also can be increased.

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