USA affects sanctions against high-ranking officials of Venezuela

USA affects sanctions against high-ranking officials of Venezuela

Photo: AFP

The U.s. government on Wednesday imposed sanctions will be taken against thirteen high-ranking Venezuelan officials from government, the military and the state oil company PDVSA.

The measure is intended to increase the pressure on president Nicolás Maduro to carry on. Washington wants that he abandons the controversial plan a “constitutional assembly” to form. The opposition sees that as a way to parliament offside to convert a dictatorship to establish.

The US decided to focus on individuals who are guilty would have created a violation of the human rights and corruption. More stringent financial or other sanctions against the major oil industry remain in Venezuela for the moment saved. That continue to the options include.

“Strict and quick’

The American decision to Maduro’s socialist government to make clear that president Donald Trump is willing to act in word to add. He was previously with “severe and rapid economic actions” if the proposal for the controversial assembly, especially with the vassals of Maduro Sunday still vote.

If this happens Maduro is definitively a dictator, and democracy is at an end, says the Venezuelan opposition, because the voters have no real choice. Regions on the basis of Maduro, with less voters, many more congressmen depute than others where the opponents of the regime are the majority.

The opposition boycott of the ballot, and protesting vehemently. Wednesday began a 48-uursstaking.

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