US will send 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East because of the threat of Iran

The US has been involved in the preparation of the programme of the thousands of military personnel to the Middle East to be controlled, due to the escalating situation in Iran.

That is, the united states secretary of state for Defence, Patrick Shanahan fri night let me know. Reuters news agency reported that earlier on Monday, all on the basis of two anonymous U.s. officials.

The united states government is deeply concerned about Iran, especially because of the attack on two tankers last week in the Gulf of Oman. Washington believes is Tehran, but Iran denied any involvement.

According to Shanahan, the extra troops are being deployed for “defensive purposes”, but as a direct response to the “hostile attitude” of Iran.

“With the recent attacks on Iran, confirming our fears that the country is deliberate in the region, destabilise it”, said the secretary of state for Defence, in a statement. “The United States of america to send extra troops to protect its personnel and interests in the region in order to protect them.”

The Us secretary of state for Defence, with Patrick Shanahan. (Photo: AFP)

A total of 2,500 U.s. troops to the Middle East

Thousands of extra soldiers in addition to one thousand five hundred soldiers, to the united states to the Middle East, it has been sent.

Where are the thousands of additional troops to be sent, it is not yet known. Also, it is not yet clear where the troops are exactly the posted time.


Pentagon shows videos of Iran’s zeemijn of the tanker, the’remove’


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