“US wants to 37.4 billion to spend to help for Venezuela’s opposition,’

The Us government is going to 37.4 million euros, and to provide for the support of the Venezuelan opposition, with the money that was actually intended for the humanitarian effort in Guatemala and Honduras, reports the Los Angeles Times, on the basis of a single statement that they have reviewed it.

The money will be used for, among other things, salaries, travel, communications, and technical assistance.

According to the statement, the money necessary for “a major event in the American national interest.”

In June, the united states department of state that it is in the hundreds of millions of euros would be spent in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, since all three countries are not enough to do the migration to a stop.

Juan Guaidó appointed himself, on the 11th of January as the interim president of Venezuela. He was supported by, among others, the United States and the European Union. President Nicolas Maduro has called Guaidó several times, “you are a puppet of the united states. Both of them have not yet responded to the leaked statement.

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