US start cleaning for toxic agent in Vietnam

The United States, Saturday started clean-up of an old airbase in Vietnam, during the Vietnam war chemical defoliant Agent Orange was stored. The cleanup is ten years and will cost approximately 162 million euro.

It goes to the airport in Bien Hoa in the province of Dong Nai. This airport is considered to be the most polluted in the country.

Agent Orange is a defoliant between 1962 and 1971 by the Americans on Vietnamese jungles was sprinkled, in order to get rid of branches and leaves. The intention was that Vietnamese hiding places better.

“Millions of people were affected by the defoliant’

In Agent Orange, the substance dioxin, which led to a large increase of cancer in the area. According to Vietnamese authorities, millions of people were affected by the defoliant, among whom approximately 150,000 children who were faced with serious birth defects.

It is estimated that during the war approximately 80 million litres of Agent Orange by American troops on South Vietnam was sprayed. American veterans who were exposed to defoliant by the state is compensated. That does not apply to Vietnamese citizens. Also, offered America never apologizes for the use of the means.

The Us ambassador in Vietnam, Daniel Kritenbrink was Saturday during the launch of the program welcomes the co-operation with Vietnam: “The fact that two former enemies are now working together on such a complex task is nothing less than historic.”

The United States started earlier, the same type of project

In 2012, the United States the same kind of project. Then it was the airport of the city of Danang where Agent Orange was removed. That process was in november of 2018 completed. The amount of dioxin in Danang is approximately four times less than in the current project in Ho Chi Minh city.

The Vietnam war was a war between the United States oriented South Vietnam and on the Soviet Union and China-oriented North Vietnam. This lasted from 1955 to 1975, and had millions of deaths.

Today in Vietnam, our Senate Delegation took part in 2 breakthrough events that address legacies of the War. 1st was the launch of a second major Agent Orange remediation project. See highlights on my Instagram:

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