US set of two Chinese diplomats in secret after chase

The U.s. government earlier this year, in the secret of the two Chinese ambassademedewerkers off, reported The New York Times, and on the basis of the sources. It’s a duo, it would be a military base and in turn drove up and didn’t stop until after the two fire trucks have the road blocked.

U.s. officials think, according to The New York Times that at least one of the two who was an officer of the Chinese intelligence service is posing as a diplomat. If the suspicion is true, then this is it for the first time in thirty years that a Chinese diplomat suspected of espionage.

Neither the U.s. nor the Chinese government would like the matter to confirm or to officially comment on them. It is the story of The New York Times has a overheidsbron of the Reuters news agency confirmed this.

The duo would be evicted if they have it in september, along with their wives, to a military base in Norfolk, officials in the U.s. state of Virginia. The group did not stop even after the soldiers in the pursuit of their bets.

In the end, she stopped when two of the fire trucks have the road blocked, which they said has lost its way to The New York Times writes.

US, came up quickly with a new set of rules for the Chinese diplomats

Two weeks from the date of the monitoring group, the foundation had launched the Us government’s new rules for Chinese diplomats. They will now have to make a claim if they are Us government employees or are employees of American educational and scientific institutions are going to meet.

According to Beijing’s measures are in breach of the Treaty of Vienna, in which the rules on diplomatic relations, concluded in agreed-upon to be.

United states and China are locked in an economic struggle

The incident that happened in september would be the fears of the Washington-confirming that China’s espionage activities in the united states the spread of. The two countries are in an escalating geo-political and economic battle.

The last time a Chinese diplomat suspected of espionage in 1987, when the united states and two Chinese ambassademedewerkers expanded. It would be a secret document of the Us intelligence service NSA have adopted.

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